What can I expect from attending the GNLI?

What can I expect from attending the GNLI?

Given the unique opportunity to gather senior and executive level nurses from many countries, the programme for the GNLI is packed and intensive.

Participants experience full days in sessions and more hours spent discussing, sharing and reflecting together over meals in a relaxed atmosphere. Healthy leadership sessions provide early morning opportunities to exercise and share outdoor activities together.

As a result of participating in the GNLI, ICN-Burdett* expect that participants will: 

  • Be equipped to build strategic national and global alliances
  • Use self-assessment to focus their leadership strengths and development
  • Have heightened awareness and understanding of health care globally
  • Have strengthened capacity to influence policy change
  • Be capacitated with strategic planning and thinking skills
  • Be stimulated to take on higher leadership roles nationally and global

Participants will also be a part of the ICN GNLI Colloquium. ICN launched the GNLI Colloquium at our 25th Quadrennial Congress in 2013.  The creation of the GNLI Colloquium gives our Institute Alumni an opportunity to network and identify on-going learning needs. It also gives us the opportunity to capture outcomes and best practice exemplars in global health.

You can also read the GNLI Evaluation Report conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership in the GNLI Evaluation section below for more information.


* Support for the Global Nursing Leadership Institute is also provided by Pfizer, the founding sponsor.

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