Planning and Methodology

The ICN LFC Programme™ has been designed to build the nurses’ capacity for strategic leadership in a country.

The programmes are “custom-designed” to meet the needs of different regions and countries, but there are common principles and strategies.

The design of the programme provides for an initial Phase 1, which is delivered by the ICN Director of the Leadership for Change Programme™ or a designated ICN LFC Programme™ Consultant. Normally, this leads to subsequent phases delivered by in-country ICN LFC Certified Trainers - individuals who have successfully completed the LFC Programme™ and a LFC Trainer of Trainers (TOT) programme.

Phase 1 is undertaken in collaboration between ICN and, for example, the Ministry of Health (MOH), the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office and / or the national nurses association or regulatory body.

Subsequent LFC phases in a country are delivered by, for example, MOH / WHO Regional office and / or national nurses association (as the Licensed Provider Organisation) and LFC Programmes are delivered by the team of in-country LFC Certified Trainers.

The in-country ICN LFC Certified Trainers may plan to deliver one or more LFC Programmes as long as the ICN Director of LFC approves the country programme proposal which outlines the plans and there is evidence of sufficient funding and support.

A licensing agreement will be signed between the provider organisation and ICN to ensure that the ICN LFC methodology is complied with as outlined in the licensing agreement. The LFC methodology is based on action learning principles and is composed of five interrelated components:

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