ICNP® Catalogues

ICNP® Catalogues

ICN welcomes worldwide participation in ICNP® catalogue development. ICNP® benefits from local, regional, national and international participation and application to practice. To begin catalogue development, nurses knowledgeable about the healthcare needs of clients being served would select a topic for catalogue development. ICN can assist groups working in similar areas to network. Nurse developers would determine the content and organization of each catalogue and ICN would work with the developers to formulate and code the pre-coordinated ICNP® statements for diagnoses, outcomes and interventions.

By delivering ICNP® catalogues (nursing data subsets) for specified health concerns, catalogues will fill a practical need in building health information systems with all the benefits of using a unified nursing language. ICNP® catalogues are an accessible reference for nurses in their particular care setting. The documentation of nursing care using ICNP® will enhance safety and quality of care and will provide systematic, retrievable data about healthcare worldwide.

Guidelines for ICNP® Catalogue Development

The Guidelines provide a framework for catalogues in terms of clients and health priorities. The ISO Reference Terminology Models for Nursing Diagnoses and Nursing Actions are included in the Guidelines, with further guidance for developing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions using ICNP® concepts. Finally, 10 steps are provided to guide the catalogue development process. Nurses and others who decide to develop catalogues should contact ICN with their intent so that a Use Agreement may be signed and, if possible, collaborations with other developers can be established.

The catalogues listed below are available for non-commercial internal or non-profit use by filling out an online form found at: http://www.icn.ch/pillarsprograms/icnp-download/

ICNP Catalogues

Community Nursing
ICNP to SNOMED CT Equivalency Table for Diagnosis and Outcome Statements
Nursing Care of Children with HIV and AIDS
Nursing Outcome Indicators
Paediatric Pain Management
Palliative Care
Partnering with Individuals and Families to Promote Adherence to Treatment

ICNP Catalogues In Progress

Hospitalized Adult Mental Health Client
Hospitalized Paediatric Client
Post-Surgical Total Hip Replacement
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Special Care Nursery

Please contact the ICNP® Programme for any questions, comments or suggestions for change.

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