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On 30 October 2013, ...

patients in countries across Africa will come together to mark the first ever regional Patient Solidarity Day.

They will call on all Ministers of Health and all health care stakeholders to “improve lives through patient-centred health care.”  ICN has partnered with the International Alliance of Patient Organizations and many other organisations to promote this and celebrate the place of the patient at the heart of health care.

Why is Patient Solidarity Day important? Health systems in Africa are under pressure and cannot cope if they continue to focus on diseases rather than patients. 

Healthcare challenges in Africa are complex, patients face:

  • The multiple burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, injuries and trauma
  • Large inequities in the treatment and prevention of disease
  • Lack of medications to meet patients’ needs
  • Lack of resources, which make even basic patient safety techniques difficult to achieve
  • Stigma and discrimination

ICN has produced many fact sheets on patient safety as well as a position statement.

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