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21 September: World Alzheimer’s Day – Dementia: A journey of caring

According to a July 2013 report by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, life expectancy is projected to reach 76 years in the period 2045-2050 and 82 years in 2095-2100.  A WHO 2011 report on Global Health and Ageing states, “The potential for an active, healthy old age is tempered by one of the most daunting and potentially costly consequences of ever-longer life expectancies: the increase in people with dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease.  Most dementia patients eventually need constant care and help with the most basic activities of daily living, creating a heavy economic and social burden. Prevalence of dementia rises sharply with age. An estimated 25-30 percent of people aged 85 or older have dementia.” Read more…

Nurses play a central role in raising public awareness and recognition of dementia throughout the world. They promote the importance of assessment and early diagnosis; the need for inclusive community support services and accommodation options; and the value of education and training for formal and informal caregivers. They encourage and support caregiver self-help groups and multidisciplinary collaboration in dementia oriented practice and research. And they advocate for the protection of patients’ rights and interests.  More information can be found on:

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