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18 December 2012 International Migrants Day

ICN believes that nurses in all countries have the right to migrate as a function of choice, regardless of their motivation. We also acknowledge the potential benefits of migration, including learning opportunities and the rewards of multicultural practice. However, it is clear that international migration may negatively affect health care quality in regions or countries seriously depleted of their nursing workforce. ICN believes that migration is a symptom of dysfunctional health systems and condemns the practise of recruiting nurses to countries where authorities have not engaged in human resources planning or addressed problems which cause nurses to leave the profession and discourage them from returning. (Read more…)

The International Centre on Nurse Migration (ICNM) was launched in 2005 by ICN and the CGFNS International as a much needed resource for centralized information about foreign educated nurses. The Centre serves as a global resource for the development, promotion and dissemination of research, policy and information on nurse migration, including screening and workflow integration.  The ICNM provides resources such as ebriefs, fact sheets and commissioned papers on the topic of international nurse migration.

In addition you can access resources on migration from the ICN website:

ICN Fact Sheets

ICN position statements

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