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Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor In Libya

Press Releases & Joint Statements

Press Release 24 July 2007 ICN and WMA Welcome the Release of Bulgarian Nurses
Press Release 29 May 2007 Global Nursing Caucus CalIs for Justice for Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor and Libyan Children
Press Release 11 December 2006 WMA and ICN Plead to Drop Death Sentences Against Doctors and Nurses after New Scientific Evidence
Joint Statement from the International Council of Nurses and the World Medical Association
Press Release 12 September 2006 ICN Calls for Action on the Trial of Bulgarian Nurses and Palestinian Physician in Libya
Press Release 25 December 2005 Nurses and Physicians Welcome Libyan Court’s Decision to Reverse Death Sentences

The ICN member national nurses association in Belgium, the Belgian National Federation for Nurses (FNIB), has initiated a petition to Libyan authorities supporting the joint ICN, WMA statement and urging the Libyan High Court to drop the death sentence against the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor. You can access and sign on to this position and/or pass it on to others at www.fnib-lybie.be . Thank you for your continuing interest and advocacy regarding the plight of these health professionals.

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