Membership Membership


Membership is open ONLY to:

  • Nurses presently or previously elected or appointed at national, provincial/state and supranational levels.

Members need to have access to the internet and, presently, to be able communicate in English.

Membership benefits:

  • Opportunity to gain knowledge of political working worldwide.
  • Up-to-date knowledge on nursing and health trend and issues.
  • Support from colleagues in other countries.
  • Access to efficient lobbying on key issues.
  • Strategic links with other elected people.


I know from my own experience that if nurses do not accept the responsibility and enter the battle field to fight in favor of the social support systems that make the life of families and individuals better and benefits the whole society, others would eagerly and happily step in do so, sometimes for the worse.

Asta Möller


To become a member of the NPN, nurses elected or appointed at national and supranational levels you will need to fill in the membership form.

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