Members of the Nurse Politicians Network Steering Group Members of the Nurse Politicians Network Steering Group

Members of the Nurse Politicians Network Steering Group

Asta Moller, Chair of the Network

Asta Möller has contributed considerably to nursing and health care in Iceland as a nurse and politician. She served as president of the Icelandic Nurses Association between 1994 and 1999. She became involved in politics when she ran and won a seat in Parliament in May 1999. Since then she has sat on various committees and, since 2005, has chaired the Icelandic Delegation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Aste served as a Board member of ICN and subsequently as Second Vice-President.

Mo-Im Kim

Mo Im Kim, ICN Past President, is recognised internationally for her contribution as a practitioner, educator, politician and policy leader. She is considered the architect of Korea’s primary health care system. In 1981, she became the first nurse elected to the Korean parliament where she influenced national health policy and legislation. She also served as the Minister of Health and Welfare and was President of the Korean Women’s Political Caucus in 2003.

Laila Davoy

Laila Davoy, a former ICN Board member, has a long career in government and politics. She served as a State Secretary and Deputy Minister before becoming President of the Norwegian National Nurses Association. She served as an ICN Board Member 1997-1999 and in government was twice appointed Minister: Minister of Labour and Government Administration and Minister of Children and Family Policy. Since October 2005 she is an elected member of the Norwegian parliament.

Rowaida Al-Ma’aitah

Rowaida Al-Ma'aitah is a Senator in the Upper House of the Jordanian Parliament and also serves as a consultant on health and social development to HRH Princess Muna Al-Hussien and as a member of the international women parliamentarians steering committee on child protection. She formerly served as Minister of Social Development, Minster of Government Performance, and President of Hashemite University as well as Vice President and Secretary General of the National Council for Family Affairs.

There has never been a greater need for nurses to get involved in the political and and policy process. Nurses are needed to ensure that shrinking resources are best used for the health of the nation, to find ways to provide affordable access to health care for all and to promote the debate about the relationship between broad social factors and health

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