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ICN has developed an exciting new on-line course on the Care, prevention and management of tuberculosis (TB) which provides practical tools to nurses and those working with patients, families and communities affected by TB, including drug-resistant TB. The course is widely applicable for all settings, while also dealing with the challenges of providing care when resources are scarce and the workload is high. 

The course is broken down into a series of standards each addressing an important part of the patient's journey from before diagnosis to the end treatment. Each standard considers the resources, professional practice and knowledge required to meet the standard as well as how to measure progress. In addition to gaining practical knowledge through a variety of interactive exercises, there are opportunities to reflect on your own services and plan improvements.  

Standard statement: A good relationship is developed with the patient while symptoms, signs and risk factors consistent with TB are assessed and investigated appropriately

Sputum Testing

Standard statement:The patient produces good quality sputum specimens, delivers them to the appropriate place at the appropriate time and returns for the results. 

Standard statement: Each patient is registered appropriately, started on an approved treatment regimen and given practical advice, support and information according to their individual needs and concerns.
Standard statement: DOT will be arranged in the most convenient and reliable way possible taking into account the patient’s needs and wishes as well as local resources.
Standard statement: Contact tracing and investigation is carried out according to locally agreed protocols
Standard statement: Patient progress and DOT arrangements are monitored according to a schedule agreed upon between the Unit Coordinator, all health-care workers and other individuals designated to be involved in the care of TB patients.
Standard statement: Patients who do not attend when expected will be followed up, assessed and enabled to resume treatment as soon as possible.
Standard statement: Patients are assessed at the end of their intensive phase of treatment and a plan is developed with the patient for the continuation phase during which they are likely to have less contact with the management unit.
Case Management in the Continuation Phase
Standard statement: Ongoing support is available according to patient need and the necessary follow-up investigations are carried out.
Standard statement: Treatment is continuous throughout the course and appropriate arrangements are made if the patient needs to transfer his or her care to another management unit
Standard statement: Diagnostic HIV testing will be offered routinely to all patients with TB who do not know their HIV status, in a caring, consensual and confidential manner
Standard statement: The patient receives prophylactic treatment against common opportunistic infections, support and information with regard to staying healthy with HIV, including treatment with antiretroviral drugs, if appropriate, while on TB treatment before being transferred for ongoing care.







Carrie Tudor - Project Director
Oscar Ferreira - admin. assistant
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