Rejakile Esau Fosa

Rejakile Fosa, a family man and a father of two girls, worked as a Registered Nurse and Midwife at St. Joseph’s hospital since August 2006.  Despite having worked in the female medical and surgical wards as Nurse In charge, he also left his mark in the obstetric and maternity areas where he engaged in maternal and child care, and mentoring student midwives and student nurses in the clinical area.

He became part of the hospital’s management team under staff representative portfolio, as well as a member of the hospital’s finances committee after he was elected into these positions by hospital staff, and management team respectively. He got massively involved in youth projects as a volunteer and leader in promotion of life skills among youth.

In July 2009 he was nominated by Lesotho Nurses Association as Lesotho delegate to partake in a youth study tour for African and Asian countries that was held in Gujarat, India.

In January 2010, two months before he was married, he started working at Wellness Centre Project of the Lesotho Nurses Association, as a Nurse Counselor, and represented the project in various professional forums, where he compiled and delivered informative presentations. He acted as a Director on a number of occasions. Fosa has now become the Project Director of LNA Wellness Centre since January 2014, while also pursuing his studies at the University of South Africa with special focus on management, community health and education.

He has passion of working with people especially promotion of good health of healthcare workers and research. After he went for a TB workshops for Wellness Centers in Pretoria, South Africa and in Kampala, Uganda, he is actively leading the commencement of TB screening and treatment at the Wellness Centre. He is also driving proposals to engage in collaborative approaches with other organizations to integrate continuous cervical cancer screening and treatment among healthcare workers.

Additional Info

  • Country: Lesotho
  • Project role: Wellness Center manager & lead trainer
  • Job title: Lesotho Wellness Centre Director