T. Dileep Kumar


Mr. Dileep Kumar is a pioneer in the field of Nursing in India. With a Post Graduate Nursing qualification Shri Kumar has served as Nursing Adviser to the Government of India. As Nursing Adviser, he has initiated various policy decisions towards improvement of working condition of nurses. His astute leadership has ensured that the budgetary provision for Nursing in India has been enhanced from 16 million dollars to 710 million dollars.

Mr. Kumar was thrice elected as President, Indian Nursing Council unanimously which is a statutory body of the Government of India. The Council is vested with the responsibility of ensuring uniform standard of Nursing Education in the country. Through his personal effort and initiative he was able to secure for the Council, contribution to the tune of 33 million US dollars as the Principal Recipient from GFATM and this project has so far trained more than 65000 Nurses in HIV & Aids against the target of 90000.

Mr. Kumar has immense international exposure and experience in Nursing being the Member of Global Advisory Group on Nursing and Midwifery of World Health Organization. Mr. Kumar has widely travelled around the World as Government representative having visited countries like USA, Sweden, United Kingdom, Singapore etc.

Mr. Kumar is the life Member of Trained Nurses of India which is a National Professional Association.

Mr. Kumar has single handedly ensured that India to become a Member of the prestigious International Council of Nurses (ICN).

Additional Info

  • Country: India
  • Project role: NNA Contact
  • Job title: President, Indian Nursing Council