Mohammed Yessuf Mohammed

Mohammed Yessuf was matron of St. Peter’s TB specialized hospital from 1993 to 2012 when he was made STREAM trial nurse coordinator in the same facility.

Mohammed has served for more than 20 years in TB ward also in different parts of the countries in clinics and health centers before 1993.

Mohammed trained on TB/MDR-TB patient care and treatment. He is one of the three nurses trained abroad and start MDRTB patient care and treatment for the first time in the country. Now their hospital is the center of excellence for MDRTB patient care and treatment in the country.

Mohammed has been the secretary of Addis Ababa city branch nurse association.

Mohammed is the first Ethiopian nurse to be the recipient of ICN/Eli Lilly Nursing excellence in TB/MDR-TB award 2010.

Additional Info

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Project role: Lead Trainer
  • Job title: RN.BSCRN.BSC, Expert professional Nurse STREAM Trial Nurse Coordinator St. Peter’s TB specialized hospital