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2011 TB Award Recipients

  Fifteen Nurses receive the 5th ICN/Lilly Award 

 for Work in Tuberculosis and Multi-drug Resistant TB

The ICN/Lilly Award for Nursing Excellence in TB/MDR-TB is one aspect of ICN’s work in TB and multi-drug resistant TB as a founding member of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership. During this partnership, since 2005 more than 30'000 nurses and allied health workers have been trained in TB endemic countries. This annual award supported by Lilly recognizes nursing expertise and aims to motivate nurses working with those affected by TB and MDR-TB in countries included in the TB project. It showcases the contribution made by nurses to TB prevention, care and treatment and offers the recipients an educational grant to continue their professional development along with a specially designed medal. Recipients are selected by their national nurses association for their outstanding achievement in TB prevention, care and treatment.

On 24 March, on the occasion of  World TB Day, the International Council of Nurses in partnership with Eli Lilly and Company has given awards to the following fifteen nurses, from eleven countries, who through their dedication, passion and innovative care strategies, are living examples of the World TB Day slogan "On the move against tuberculosis: Transforming the fight towards elimination". 


2011 TB Award Recipients


Ms Abebech Kassegne ALEMAYEHU




Ms Mamoelo Eulalia NTLHABA
Mr Mosiuoa Petrose MAPETLA


Ms Nyembezi CHIBONGA






Ms Veronica LESCHENKO 
Ms Liudmila SURNINA

South Africa 

Mr David Sphamandla MHLOPHE


Ms Phetsile Antonia MAMBA





Ethiopia :


Abebech Kassegne ALEMAYEHU

Sister Abebech works at St. Peter’s Hospital in Addis Ababa as a head nurse in the TB Unit. 
In her 25 years nursing career, she gained ample experience in the area of TB prevention, care and treatment where she provided a long time services with outstanding achievements. She is committed in the TB cause in teaching to patients and their family how TB is transmitted, how to protect themselves, ensuring that patients continue treatment for the period prescribed, making also sure that the bacilli do not develop resistance to the prescribed drugs and counselling patients about side effects. In addition, she coordinates and leads nurses in the care and treatment of patients with TB. 

Kenya : 



Zuhura Osman is actively involved in sensitization re TB and MDR-TB: so far, she has reached 
630 teachers and 28,668 children in 76 schools. She has trained 15 Nurses and 4 CHW’s who are carrying out active case finding in the District where she works – Malindi District Hospital - and 4 cases of MDR-TB have so far been found, all of whom are now on treatment and visited monthly by Zuhura, herself.  Sadly one patient has since died. She has managed to reduce the MDR/TB Stigma in the District Hospital, Gongoni and Marereni area with the result that more people are coming forward to be tested.

Lesotho :
Mamoelo E. NTLHABA

Sara-Marie MAKAMANE-M.

Mosiuoa P. MAPETLA

Mamoelo Eulalia NTLHABA - Sara-Marie MAKAMANE-MAELE - Mosiuoa Petrose MAPETLA

These three nurses work in the most remote area of Lesotho. They are all employed at Seboche Hospital in Botha Bothe where they work collaboratively in the prevention, identification and treatment of patients with TB in the hospital and in the most disadvantaged communities. As a result of their efforts, infection control has improved with appropriate use of masks among health care staff; the diagnostic process has improved with reliable transportation of samples and prompt feedback of results; children who have been in contact with TB are routinely screened; antenatal mothers are screened for TB; patients with TB are routinely offered HIV counseling and testing; and community health workers are better educated about all aspects of TB  as are patients and their families.

Mamoelo is head in charge of outpatient department, her main duties include screening of patients including TB suspects. Nurse Mamoelo gives health education on prevention of infection diseases, diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections related to HIV & TB. She is a trained trainer in TB/MDR TB and therefore conducts training for other nurses and community health workers on identification and referral of the patients to the nearest health facility.

Sara-Marie works as nursing sister in charge in the TB ward. She is in contact daily with patients affected by TB. She provides health education on TB/MDR TB to all patients and their relatives on admission and on discharge – she emphasizes the importance of DOT. She supervises patients and their relatives on compliance to treatment. As a result of her efforts HIV testing and counselling in TB wards is 100% to detect patients who may be co-infected patients with HIV and in need of additional treatment and services. 

Mosiuoa works as registered nurse midwife in charge of Maternity. He is mainly concerned with prevention on TB : he gives health education to mothers on prevention of TB in children and encourages all mothers to bring their new born babies for BCG vaccine. All pregnant mothers are screened for TB at antenatal clinic. He participates in infection control within the institution.

Malawi : 



Nyembezi is a nurse midwife technician working for the Ministry of Health. She has been entrusted with unit level management. As a unit in charge, she has shown that she can handle and execute her duties ensuring that care for patients with TB is of a high standard. She has managed to contain MDR-TB by advocating for proper care of the patients at the hospital. Nyembezi has skillfully demonstrated organization capabilities whereby she mobilizes her staff and resources for awareness campaigns both at ward and unit levels. She liases with colleagues for timely sputum examinations, diagnosis and treatment at both hospital and central reference laboratory. She is currently participating in NTP MDR-TB survey, advocates for quality care with the NTP and with their support has improved care and treatment of TB patients at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital which is the biggest referral hospital in Malawi.

Mozambique :



Nurse Felix Conjua is responsible for drug management and for the TB ward in Central Hospital of Maputo. He has increased the nurse care quality, improved the control of drugs and the monitoring and evaluation of the TB patients. His recent achievements are: introduction of a register, improvement in the notification of the cases of TB, creation of  a record “control for requirements of the medicine” at internment services level and providing education in the sanitarium. 

Philippines :   



Being dedicated in managing TB patients in accordance with the National TB Program policies and International Standard on TB Care (ISTC), Grace C. Rondilla, a registered nurse, was chosen to man the UP-PRIME (PGH Responsive Integrated Multi-disciplinary Enhanced) TB-DOTS Clinic working with a team with one battle cry, “Transforming the Fight Towards a TB-Free Philippines.” Her main duties and responsibilities include: Patient Care, Documentation, Teaching/conducting trainings, Linkages/ Networking, Unit Management, and Research. She works as headnurse at the Philippine General Hospital – University of the Philippines in Manila.

Russia :


from left to right :
Liudmila Surnina, Elena Savenko and Veronica Leschenko

Liudmila SURNINA -  Elena SAVENKO - Veronica LESCHENKO

In 2008, these three nurses of Children’s outpatient TB dispensary -  GUZ “Regional Clinical TB Dispensary” - formed a team  named “Bereginya” to reinforce TB preventive activities in Stavropol city with a population exceeding 350000 people and high TB rates. The team put forward a goal of informing children and parents on TB risks, TB transmission, and TB prevention in the form of games, fairy tales and presentations depending on the age. The program initiated by Bereginya team lasts already for two years and shows positive results. All schools, technical colleges and Universities, as well as day care centres for the youngest children participate in the program and report on improved knowledge and raised awareness of children and parent on TB related topics. Dispensary administration notes 100% adherence to TB testing among the children population of Stavropol city.

The team shows a great devotion to TB patients and to the nursing tasks in prevention and early detection of TB among children: they had training meetings last year in childcare centres, secondary schools and universities. Organized a drawing competition devoted to TB infection among children. Finally they have developed training materials used for different age groups with support of professionals.

meaning of "Bereginya”: formed from old-Russian obereg (guard) in old Slavic beliefs Bereginya was a God, saving all lives, saving children with no parents. People believed that Bereginya had a strong power over illness.

South Africa : 

 South Africa_2011

David Sphamandla MHLOPHE

Nurse David Mhlophe works as Operational Manager at the Thulasizwe Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. He has worked hard to make sure that both nursing personnel and non-nursing personnel are trained in the field of TB/MDR-TB. He is highly involved in community work giving health education to members of the communities. He has extended his training to schools in the area where he works: teachers and learners have been trained on basic issues with regard to TB and health education with regard to infection control has been given to students and teaching staff. He managed to forge strong working relations among stakeholders by making them acknowledge that to fight the high rate of TB in the country needs everyone to work together. Even though people still are afraid to go for treatment due to stigma, this has improved and there is an increase of people going for screening in the area he resides. Other improvements related to his achievements include lower defaulter rates and very low levels of XDR-TB. David believes that “All is about dedication and commitment”. 

Swaziland :


Phetsile Antonia MAMBA

Nurse Phetsile works currently as Programmes and Training Coordinator at the Swaziland Nurses Association – Wellness Centre in Manzini. She is working in collaboration with the National TB programme on training health workers on management of TB/MDR TB and provides best practises in provision of MDR TB care. Her knowledge is impacting co-workers, health care workers and the community on TB drug, resistant TB and HIV. She has established a TB wing in the Wellness Centre and promotes good infection control. She visits TB patients on home based settings to monitor adherence of medication, screens and diagnoses TB suspects and provides treatment to those who screen positive. All patients are empowered and encouraged to complete their treatment, which leads to a success rate of above 80%. 

Uganda :



Joash Magambo is a professional BSN/RN Nurse working with MULAGO National Referral Hospital. He is a trained trainer in TB/MDR-TB. He works with infectious diseases institute (IDI), partners in prevention studies (clinical trial studies) and also with Nakasongola medical center on part time basis. He holds a bachelors degree in Nursing from Aga Khan University-Uganda.

Joash Magambo has been outstanding in the mobilization and training of nurses and other health workers in the treatment, management and care of people affected or infected with TB and TB/MDR-TB. He is one of the Local Television (STV) presenters on TB with emphasis on treatment adherence, roles and responsibilities of the significant others patients infected with Tuberculosis. He is very active in the campaign of increasing access of patient with TB to treatment and good nutrition to prevent default to treatment that leads to TB/MDR-TB. He is conducting a study in the slums of Kampala City about Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of those people infected and affected with TB.

Zambia :

Zambia 2011_-_Royce


Royce works at Manungu Health Centre near Monze Town in the Southern Province. She has been working with TB patients since 2002 and demonstrated outstanding achievement in the domain 
of TB, prevention, care and/or treatment at health facility level. Royce is responsible procurement of TB drugs; organizes training programes for provincial and district staff in liaison with the Directorate of Technical Support, also participates in monitoring the efficient use of TB drugs at all levels through supervisory visits and reports, and finally she maintains active contact and coordination of operational research in TB.

Royce says “TB is the most deadly disease in Zambia. When I was young, I nursed my grandmother who had TB and later died. This inspired me to become a nurse so that I could contribute to the caring of sick people especially those suffering from TB.”  She thinks that the most important strategy in the fight against TB is working together as a team : “I worked with my fellow nurses, worked with Clinical Officers, environmental health technicians, Laboratory Technicians, TB treatment supporters, relatives of TB patients and the community.”

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