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Factors in the practive environment of nurses working in inpatient mental health: A partical least squares path modeling approach Elsevier 2011 Roach M, Duffield C & White E "This study explored a model that added characteristics of the individual and practice environment to a central framework incorporating therapeutic commitment: a nurse's ability and willingness to engage in a therapeutic relationship." (extract from abstract) Details
A review of health leadership management capacity in Fiji Human Resources for Health Hub (UNSW) 2011 Asante A, Roberts G & Hall J "This review describes the current situation of health leadership and management capacity at the sub-divisional level in Fiji." (extract fro, document) Details
A review of health leadership management capacity in Papua New Guinea Human Resources for Health Hub (UNSW) 2011 Asante A & Hall J "This review describes the state of health leadership and management capacity in Papua New Guinea (PNG)." Details
A review of health leadership management capacity in Timor-Leste Human Resources for Health Hub (UNSW) 2011 Asante A, Roberts G & Hall J "This review describes the current situation of health leadership and management capacity in Timor-Leste. Timorese health authorities have identified management and leadership capacity development as an important area needing attention." (excerpt from document) Details
A review of health leadership management capacity in Lao People's Democratic Republic Human Resources for Health Hub (UNSW) 2011 Asante A, Roberts G & Hall J "This review describes the current state of health leadership and management capacity and issues that affect management performance at the district level in Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR or Laos)." Details
A review of health leadership management capacity in Cambodia Human Resources for Health Hub (UNSW) 2011 Asante A, Roberts G & Hall J "This review describes the current situation of health leadership and management capacity in Cambodia. Cambodia has made tremendous efforts to rebuild its health system following years of conflict that decimated the country's health infrastructure." (excerpt from document) Details
Continuity and change in human resources policies for health: lessons from Brazil Human Resources for Health 2011 Buchan J, Fronteira I & Dussault G "This paper reports on progress in implementing human resources for health (HRH) policies in Brazil, in the context of the implementation and expansion of the Unified Health System (Sistema Unico de Saude - SUS)." Details
Making the case for succession planning: Who's on deck in your organization? Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2011 Laframboise LE "Healthcare organizations and the nursing profession lag behind the corporate sector in development of strategic leadership succession planning. Contemporary nurse leaders will require all the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies their predecessors can provide. Effective leadership development and succession planning will provide a climate that is conducive to the transfer of that knowledge." (extract from abstract) Details
Work experiences of new graduate nurses Workplace experiences of new graduate nurses 2011 Rh?aume A,Cl?ment L, LeBel N, & Robichaud K "The purpose of this study is to describe new graduate nurses' experiences during their first year of practice and to explore factors that may lead them to consider leaving their employer. We held semi-structured interviews with 23 new graduate nurses in New Brunswick" (extract from abstract) Details
Development of the Differentiation of Self and Role Inventory for Nurses (DSRI-RN): A tool to measure internal dimensions of workplace stress American Academy of Nursing 2009 Beebe R & Frisch N "This article presents the use of Bowen's theory of differentiation as a framework for understanding one aspect of vocational burnout. The theory suggests that persons with low levels of differentiation are at higher risk for emotional exhaustion than those at higher levels. The authors describe the development and pilot-testing of a tool, the Differentiation of Self and Role Inventory for Nurses (DSRI-RN) as a means to assess internal aspects of workplace stress by measuring factors suggested by the theory." Details
Commitment expressions of nurses aged 45 and over: Organisational, professional and personal factors Sage Publications 2009 Bennett J, Davey B & Harris R "The aims of the study were to explore personal, professional and organisational factors that would affect future participation in the workforce of nurses aged 45 and over. The research was proposed against a background of concerns about a shortage of a skilled nursing workforce in London and ever increasing numbers of older nurses taking retirement." Details
Differences of hospitals' organisational climates and nurses intent to stay: Nurses' perspectives Sage Publications 2009 Mrayyan MT "This research studied the differences of hospitals' organisational climates and nurses' intent to stay at different types of Jordanian hospitals and investigated the relationship between the two concepts, from the point views of nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Junior nursing students' experiences fo vertical violence during clinical rotations American Academy of Nursing 2009 Thomas S & Burk R "We report a content analysis of stories written by junior nursing students about incidents of injustice perpetrated by staff RNs during their clinical experiences. Four levels of injustice were described. Nursing leadership, both in hospitals and educational institutions, must become engaged in efforts to eradicate vertical violence towards students." )extract from abstract) Details
Preparing the air for nursing care: A grounded theory study of first line nurse managers Sage Publications 2009 Bondas, T "The aim of this study was, therefore, to gain an understanding of the first line nurse managers in their experiences in the development of nursing care as part of a wider research programme." Details
Nurse working conditions and nursing unit costs Sage Publications 2009 Mark BA, Lindley L & Jones CB "The authors examined the relationship between nurse working conditions and nursing unit costs in 210 general medical, general surgical, and general medical surgical units in 112 randomly selected U.S. hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
Predicting nursing human resources: An exploratory study Sage Publications 2009 Squires A & Beltr?n-S?nchez H "This study sought to explore if socioeconomic development indicators could predict the NPOP in a country. Mexico served as the case example for this exploratory study, with the final five variables selected based on findings from a qualitative study analyzing the development of nursing human resources in the country." Details
Retention of health workers in Malawi: perspectives of health workers and district management Human Resources for Health 2009 Manafa O, McAuliffe E, Maseko F, Bowie C, MacLaclan M and Normand C "Shortage of human resources is a major problem facing Malawi, where more than 50% of the population lives in rural areas. Most of the district health services are provided by clinical health officers specially trained to provide services that would normally be provided by fully qualified doctors or specialists. As this cadre and the cadre of enrolled nurses are the mainstay of the Malawian health service at the district level, it is important that they are supported and motivated to deliver a good standard of service to the population. This study explores how these cadres are managed and motivated and the impact this has on their performance." (extract from abstract) Details
Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce in nursing: From evidence to best practice to policy SAGE Publications 2011 Gilliss CL,Powell DL & Carter B "This article reviews the evidence that supports the impact of a diverse workforce on patient outcomes and delivery services. Assuming a positive social value in the absence of the data, the authors review the approaches that have been successful in diversifying the nursing workforce. The authors conclude with recommendations for research and policies, including best practices, for enhancing recruitment and retention of a diverse nursing workforce." Details
Walking the Talk: Insights into dynamics of race and gender in nursing SAGE Publications 2011 Choiniere JA, MacDonnell J & Samonda H "This article explores how the dynamics of violence and support for nurses are influenced by the intersections of race, gender, and other social relations in various practice settings. Utilizing a qualitative study design, situated in the naturalistic and critical paradigms, this article is grounded in the experiences of key informants (KIs), each possessing significant expertise on issues of equity and violence, as well as insight into the current practice settings in Ontario, Canada." Details
Influence of unit-level staffing on medication errors and falls in military hospitals SAGE journals online 2011 Breckenridge-Sproat S, Johantegen M, Patrician P "This study examined unit-level associations of nurse staffing and workload, and the effect of the practice environment on adverse patient events. A secondary analysis was conducted of a longitudinal data set of 23 Army inpatient units from the Military Nursing Outcomes Database." (excerpt from abstract) Details
The impact of nursing innovations in the context of governance and incentives SAGE journals online 2011 Ross F, Redfern S, Harris R & Christain S "This discursive paper is a structured analysis of four completed national and regional studies carried out in the UK. It sets out retrospectively to explore the impact of key contextual, professional and personal features and mechanisms on innovation and outcomes in nursing and the extent to which these are common or diverge across the studies (cases)." (excerpt from abstract) Details
The nursing profession: Development, challenges and opportunities Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2011 Mason DJ, Isaacs SL & Colby DC "This volume gives researchers, practitioners, foundation and government officials, students, and individuals interested in nursing a better understanding of the nursing field and the vital issues with which nursing professionals must grapple. The Nursing Profession includes topics such as Dealing with the nursing shortage Educating and training nurses Using advanced practice registered nurses to their fullest Quality and cost Long-term and community-based care Thoughts on gender and power A vision for the future" (excerpt from website) Details
Impact of Residency programs on Professional Socialization of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses Sage Publications 2011 Kramer M, Maguire P, Diana H, Brewer B, & Schmalenberg C "Do Nurse Residency Programs (NRPs) reflect the professional socialization process? Residency facilitators in 34 Magnet hospitals completed Residency Program Questionnaires constructed to reflect the goals, themes, components, and strategies of the professional socialization process described in the literature. NRPs in 4 hospitals exemplified the complete two-stage (role transition and role/community integration) process." (extract from abstract) Details
Chances for change: Dutch measures to improve the global distribution of health personnel Wemos Foundation 2010 Wemos Foundation "The Dutch Alliance for Human Resources for Health is concerned about the global maldistribution of human resources for health (HRH), which particularly affects the health of people in developing countries. This publication presents measures, composed by the Alliance, to be taken by Dutch actors to improve the distribution of health staff across countries." (extract from preface) Details
Using a nursing balanced scorecard approach to measure and optimize nursing performance. Longwoods 2011 Jeffs L, Merkley J, Richardson S, Eli J & McAllister M "The authors give an overview of one healthcare organization's experience in developing a nursing strategic plan and nursing balanced scorecard (NBS) using a focused planning process involving strategy mapping. ... Key strategies and insights may help other nurse leaders in developing or refining strategic approaches to measuring nursing performance." (extract from abstract) Details
More time where it matters: Improving work environments in home healthcare nursing Longwoods 2011 Ray K, DeCiccio J, Lefebre N & Bender D "Home healthcare organizations can increase job satisfaction and retention by better managing nurses' workloads and ensuring more time for direct client care. This project used innovative technology and dynamic methods to document nurses' work lives, identify areas for process improvements and increase time available for direct client care. This case study provides insight into ways in which organizations can streamline non-care activities and discusses implications for nursing leaders at the local and regional levels." (extract from abstract) Details
Impact of healthy work environments on new graduate nurses' environmental reality shock SAGE publications 2011 Kramer M, Brewer BB & Maguire P "Experienced nurses in 17 Magnet hospitals completed the Essentials of Magnetism II (EOMII) instrument that measures health of unit work environments. New graduates (N = 468) were then tracked with modified versions of the EOMII from immediate post hire to 4, 8, and 12 months post hire to ascertain degree of Environmental Reality Shock. (excerpt from abstract) Details
Internationally educated health professionals: Workforce integration and retention Longwoods 2010 Baumann A, Blythe J & Ross D ".... In this article, after a summary of what is known of IEHPs who migrate to Canada, common problems of entry and integration into the workforce are discussed. Profession-specific challenges are considered, including how roles in certain professions vary globally and the importance of cultural and communication competencies. Resources to assist physicians and nurses are described and compared with those available for other professions. Finally, future possibilities and strategies for workforce integration are considered...." (extract from abstract) Details
Predictors of actual turnover in a national sample of newly licensed registered nurses employed in hospitals Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2011 Brewer CS, Kovner CT, Greene W, Tukov-Shuser M & Djukic M "This paper is a report of a study of factors that affect turnover of newly licensed regustered nurses in United States hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
What attracts second degree students to a career in nursing? American Nurses Association 2010 Raines, DA " In this article the author describes how she analyzed the stories of the first two cohorts of students (N=66) admitted to an accelerated, second degree program in the Southeastern United States. These stories, written by prospective students, described the factors that influenced their decision to pursue the study of nursing as a second career." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Iranian Nurses' perceptions of their professional growth and development American Nurses Association 2010 Rahimaghaee F, Nayeri D & Mohammadi E "In this article the authors present a qualitative study in which 21 Iranian nurses, whose years of nursing experienced ranged from 3 to 28 years, shared the perceptions of their professional development and growth." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Using the AACN framework to alleviate moral distress American Nurses Association 2011 McCue C "In this article the author describes a situation in which the Nurse Executive's values were in direct opposition to those of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She describes how it took considerable courage on the part of the Nurse Executive to resolve this situation by demonstrating concern and respect for a chemically impaired staff member, rather than by focusing on the situation from a strictly "right versus wrong" perspective." (extract from abstract) Details
Effects of health policy reforms on nursing resources and patient outcomes in New Zealand SAGE publications 2011 Carryer JB, Diers D, McCloskey B & Wilson D "Health policy reforms in New Zealand during the 1990s impacted on hospital operations, on the nursing workforce, and on patients. This study analyses changes in rates of 20 adverse patient outcomes that are potentially sensitive to nursing (OPSNs) before (1989-1993), during (1993-2000), and after (2000-2006) the policy reforms, using all New Zealand public hospital inpatient discharge data for this period." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Nursing structures in New Zealand public hospitals: Current configurations SAGE publications 2011 Hughes K-A & Carryer JB "The research focuses on how leadership in public hospitals is structured at a strategic level. The preliminary summary of findings of this phase of the research show that reporting lines between directors of nursing (DON) and the chief executive officer (CEO) are not always direct, and organizational charts and nursing structures are not readily aligned. Clear financial or budget holding reporting lines by nursing leadership are not easily identified, or are professional and operational accountability lines clearly defined." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Recent changes in human resources for health and health facilities at the district level in Indonesia:evidence fron 3 districts in Java Human Resources for Health 2011 Heywood P, Harahap NP & Aryani S "There is continuing discussion in Indonesia about the need for improved information on human resources for health at the district level where programs are actually delivered. This is particularly the case after a central government decision to offer doctors, nurses and midwives on contract the chance to convert to permanent civil service status. Our objective here is to report changes between 2006 and 2008 in numbers and employment status of health staff in three districts following the central government decision." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Mindful staffing: A qualitative description of charge nurses' decision-making behaviours SAGE publications 2011 Wilson DS, Talsma A & Martyn K "This study describes the behaviors of charge nurses from the perspective of charge nurses, nurse managers, and staff nurses. This qualitative descriptive study was conducted with a sample of 24 nurses. The findings revealed that staffing the unit was the most important role for charge nurses. Charge nurses reported spending up to 90% of a shift resolving intrashift staffing issues. Five effective decision-making behaviors emerged: (a) resourcefulness, (b) tactful communication, (c) flexibility, (d) decisiveness, and (e) awareness of the big picture. These behaviors of charge nurses are similar to mindful behaviors of workers in hazardous work environments, and are therefore described as mindful staffing. Practice implications and considerations for the education of charge nurses in relation to safe intrashift staffing are suggested by the findings of this study." Details
Nurses' widespread job dissatisfaction, burnout and frustration with health benefits signal problems for patient care Project HOPE 2011 McHugh MD, Kutney-Lee A, Cimiotti JP, Sloan DM & Aitken LH "Examining survey data from 95,499 nurses, we found much higher job dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses who were directly caring for patients in hospitals and nursing homes than among nurses working in other jobs or settings, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Strikingly, nurses are particularly dissatisfied with their health benefits, which highlights the need for a benefits review to make nurses' benefits more comparable to those of other white-collar employees. Patient satisfaction levels are lower in hospitals with more nurses who are dissatisfied or burned out-a finding that signals problems with quality of care." (excerpt from abstract) Details
The impact of postive practices on nurse work environments: Emerging application of positive organizational scholarship sage journals online 2011 Calarco MM "This article reports the findings from a 5-year study that describes an educational intervention for nurse leaders and a unit-based educational intervention for nursing staff, based on the application of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and its impact on nursing work environments." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Performance-based payment incentives increase burden and blame for hospital nurses Project HOPE 2011 Kurtzman ET, O'Leary D, Sheingold BH, Devers KJ, Dawson EM & Johnson JE "We interviewed hospital leaders and unit nurses in twenty-five hospitals between June and October 2008 to explore the effect of performance-based incentives. Interviewees expressed favorable impressions of the impact that incentive policies have on quality and safety. However, they raised concerns about the policies' effects on the nurse workforce." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Tracking and monitoring the heath workforce: a new human resources information system (HRIS) in Uganda Human Resources for Health 2011 Spero JC, McQuide PA & Matte R "The purpose of this article is twofold. First, we describe Uganda's transition from a paper filing system to an electronic HRIS capable of providing information about country-specific health workforce questions. We examine the ongoing five-step HRIS strengthening process used to implement an HRIS that tracks health worker data at the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC). Secondly, we describe how HRIS data can be used to address workforce planning questions via an initial analysis of the UNMC training, licensure and registration records from 1970 through May 2009." (exctract from abstract) Details
Registered Nurses: On the front lines of wait times - Moving forward Canadian Nurses Association 2011 Canadian Nurses Association "We are pleased to share how registeredd nurses are reducting or managing wait time across the country - and across the continuum of care. Nurses are making real differences with respect to econimic and human costs associatee with waiting for health care." Details
Nurse staffing and Inpatient Hospital Mortality Massachusetts Medical Society 2011 Needleman J, Buerhaus P, Pankratz VS, Leibson CL, Stevens SR & Harris M "We used data from a large tertairy academic medical center ... to examine the association between mortality and patient exposure to nursing shirts furing which staffing by RNs was 8 hours or more below the staffing target. We also examine the association between mortality and high patient turnover owing to admissions, transfers, and discharges." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Antecedents and consequences of intra-group conflict among nurses Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2010 Almost J, Doran DM, McGillis Hall L & Spence Lachinger HK " Aim: To test a theoretical model linking selected antecedent variables to intra-group conflict among nurses, and subsequently conflict mangement style, job stress and job satisfaction." Details
Reviewing the Benefits of Health Workforce Stability Human Resources for Health 2010 Buchan, J "This paper examines the issue of workforce stability and turnover in the context of policy attempts to improve retention of health workers. The paper argues that there are significant benefits to supporting policy makers and managers to develop a braoder perspective of workforce stability and methods of monitoring it." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Nursing unit manager, staff retention and the work environment Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2010 Duffield CM, Roche MA, Blay N & Stasa H "This paper examined the impact of leadership characteristics fof nursing unti managers on staff satisfaction and retention." (excerpt from abstract) Details
The effect of unions of the distribution of wages of hospital-employed registered nurses in the United States Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2010 Spetz J, Ash M, Konstantinidis C & Herrera C " We estimate the impact of unionisation on the wage structure of hospital-employed registered nurses in the USA. We examine whether unions have an effect of wage differences associated with race, gender, immigration status, education and experience, as well as whether there is less unexplained wage variation among unionised nurses." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Evaluating the impact of a new pay system on nurses in the UK Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2010 Buchan J and Ball J "This study examines the impact of implementing a new pay system (Agenda for Change) on nursing staff in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. This new pay system covered approximately 400,000 nursing staff. Its objectives were to improve the delivery of patient care as well as staff recruitment, retention and motivation." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Innovations in cooperation: A guidebook on bilateral agreements to address health worker migration Aspen Global Health & Development 2010 Ibadat SD, Clarke ME & Kapp R "The Health Worker Migration Initiative, a program of Realizing Rights/Global Health & Development at The Aspen Institute, provides concrete guidance on using bilateral agreements to better manage health worker migration." (excerpt from website) Details
Political participation of registered nurses Sage Publications 2011 Vandenhouten CL, Malakar CL, Kubsch S, Block DE & Gallagher-Lepak S "Level of political participation and factors contributing to participation were measured among Midwest RNs (n = 468) via an online survey (Cronbach's ? = .95). Respondents reported engaging in primarily "low cost" activities (e.g., voting, discussing politics, and contacting elected officials), with fewer reporting speaking at public gatherings, participating in demonstrations, and membership in nursing organizations." (extract from abstract) Details
The health workforce crisis in Bangladesh: shortage, inappropriate skill-mix and inequitable distribution Biomed Central 2011 Ahmed SM, Hossain, MA, RajaChowdry AM & Bhuiya AU "... there is a lack of comprehensive data on human resources for health (HRH) in the formal and informal sectors in Bangladesh. This data is essential for developing an HRH policy and plan to meet the changing health needs of the population. This paper attempts to fill in this knowledge gap by using data from a nationally representative sample survey conducted in 2007." Details
Nursing Human Resources Planning and Management Competencies ICHRN 2011 Reid U & Weller B ICHRN monograph outlining key competencies for nurse human resources planning and management. Details
Toward Standardization (Part 1): Assessment of state and national nursing workforce data sources Sage Publications 0 Nooney JG, Cleary BL, Moulton P, Weibusch PL, Murray JL, Yore M & Brunell ML "In Part 1 of this two-part series, we review the current national* data sources on nurse supply, demand, and education programs. We discuss the advantages that state-level data collection efforts enjoy in many states and propose that national data sets could be easily and cost-effectively built from state-level contributions-if states collected a standardized set of information" (excerpt from abstract) *USA Details
Impact of California mandated acute care hospital nurse staffing ratios: A literature synthesis Sage Publications 2011 Donaldson N, Shapiro S, "California is the first state to enact legislation mandating minimum nurse-to-patient ratios at all times in acute care hospitals. This synthesis examines 12 studies of the impact of California's ratios on patient care cost, quality, and outcomes in acute care hospitals" (extract from abstract) Details
Transitioning interntional nurses: An outlined evidence-based program for acute care settings Sage Publications 2010 Xu, Y "Based on synthesized evidence of transitional challenges facing international nurses and review of existing transition programs in the United States, this article outlines an evidence-based transition program specifically developed for all newly arrived international nurses. This employer-based transition program is designed to meet the unique needs of international nurses working in foreign health care environments." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Partneringto keep healthworkers in the communities that need them CapacityPlus 2011 Dwyer, S Second in the capacityPlus "Voices" series, this edition focusses on the need to increase access to health workers for people living in rurla areas, and discusses the WHoglobal policy recommendations, released in 2010. Details
Reflections on the ethics of recruiting foreign-trained human resources for health Biomed Central 2011 Runnels v, Labonte R and Packer C "By attracting and/or facilitating migration for foreign-trained HHR, notably those from poorer, less well-resourced nations, recruitment practices and policies may be compromising the ability of developing countries to meet the health care needs of their own population. Little is known, however, about actual recruitment practices. In this study we focus on Canada (a country with a long reliance on internationally trained HHR) and recruiters working for Canadian health authorities." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Raising nurses' job satisfaction through patient perception and organizational citizendship behaviours Lippincott Willliamson & Wilkins Inc 2011 Chang CS, Chen SY & Lan YT "The purpose ofthis study was to investigate how patient-oriented perception among nurses could affect their organizational behaviour and job satisfaction.! Details
Nurses' work schedule characteristics, nurse staffing, and patient mortality Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2011 Trinkoff AM, Johantgen M, Storr CL, Gurses AP, Liang Y & Han K "Objective: To determine if, in hospitals where nurses report more adverse work schedules, there would ne increased patient mortality, controlling for staffing." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Global use of the practice environment scale of the nursing work index Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. 2011 Warshawsky NE, Havens DS "The purpose of this study was to inform research by describing the modifications and use of the scale in a variety of practice settings and countries." Details
Effects of learning climate and registered nurse staffing on medication errors Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Inc. 2011 Chang YK & Mark B " The purpose of this study was to investigate whether learning climate moderates the relationship between error-producting conditions and medication errors." Details
Relationships among nurses' professional self-concept, health, and lifestyles Sage journals online 2011 Hensel D "This article explores the relationships among nurse self-concept, health status, and healthy lifestyle practices in a sample of Midwestern nurses in an attempt to better understand if nurses who integrate healthy behaviors into their everyday lives feel a stronger sense of professional adequacy relative to nurses who do not." Details
Designing a measure of complexity compression in registered nurses Sage journals online 2010 Krichbaum KE, Peden-McAlpine C, Diemert C, Koenig P, Mueller C & Savik K "Researchers in Minnesota have described and validated the phenomenon of Complexity Compression in qualitative studies of registered nurses. Analysis of themes from this research led to the design of a survey to assess nurses' agreement with variables that contribute to their experience of Complexity Compression. The survey was administered to a random sample of 199 registered nurses in Minnesota. Exploratory factor analysis was used to evaluate the attributes of Complexity Compression and its underlying structure." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Health workforcce skill mix and task shifting in low income countries: a review of recent evidence Biomed Central 2010 Fulton BD, Scheffer RM, Sparkes SP, Auh EY, Vujicic M & Soucat A "This article uses an economics perspective to examine the strength of the evidence on task shifting, to identify gaps in the evidence, and to propose a research agenda. The article is organized as follows: the introductory section continues by describing an economic-based conceptual framework to analyze skill mix policies; the second section describes the methods and data used to select studies to include in the literature review; section three summarizes the studies' results; and section four proposes a research agenda." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Managing the transition of Saudi new graduate nurses into clinical practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia John Wiley & Sons 2011 Fielden JM "Aim? To report on the benefits of developing a new graduate programme for Saudi nurses at one hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)." (extract from abstract) Details
Eurohealth: Perspectives on the Professional Qualifications Directive European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies 2011 (various) Quarterly of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Includes * Regulator's perspective: General Medical Council *Physician's perspective: Royal College of physicians *Nurses' perspective: Royal College of Nursing Details
Nurse managers' challenges in project management John Wiley & Sons 2011 Suhonen M, Paasivaara L "Aim: To analyse the challenges that nurse managers meet in project management." (extract from abstract) Details
Exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and nursing group outcome attainment capability in nurse administrators John Wiley & Sons 2011 Gianfermi, RE & Buchholz SW "Aim: To examine the relationship between job satisfaction and nursing group outcome attainment capability (NOAC) among nurse administrators." Details
Nurses' career commitment and job performance: Differences across hospitals Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2008 Mrayyan MT & Al-Fouri I "The interrelatedness of nurses' career commitment and job performance is debated. In nursing, few studies have focused on the relationship between the two concepts. A convenience sample of 640 registered nurses (RNs) from 24 hospitals was recruited. A comparative design was used to assess differences among governmental, teaching and private hospitals in regard to the concepts measured." (excerpt from abstract) Details
The power behine empowerment for staff nurses:Using Foucault's concepts Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2008 Udod SA "In this paper, nurse empowerment is analyzed by drawing upon a critical science approach as an alternative theoretical lens. Power is integral to empowerment, and occurs in the context of relations of power. The author uses the ideas of Michel Foucault to address the different ways in which power relations shape nurses' experiences in the workplace. Foucault conceptualizes power as a form of power that envelops staff nurses and nurse managers and, more specifically, as a set of disciplinary techniques. Rather than discussing power solely as a repressive force, Foucault identifies the productive aspects of power. His analysis of where power resides suggests a thought-provoking approach to staff nurse empowerment that has the potential to change nurses' practice through points of resistance, and thus has implications for improving the quality of nurses' work life." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health World Health Organization 2009 Dal Poz M, Gupta N, Quain E & Soucat A "This Handbook aims to strengthen that technical capacity. It offers health managers, researchers and policy makers a comprehensive and standard reference for monitoring and evaluating human resources for health. It brings together an analytical framework with strategy options for improving the health workforce information and evidence base, as well as country experiences to highlight approaches that have worked." (excerpt from website) Details
The Demonstration Projects: Creating the Capacity for Nursing Health Human Resources Planning in Ontario's Healthcare Organizations Longwoods 2010 Burkoski V & Tepper J "From 2006 to 2009, the Nursing Secretariat (NS) of Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (the ministry) undertook a progressive and comprehensive approach to address the issue of nursing supply across the province through the introduction of 17 Nursing Health Human Resources Demonstration Projects (demonstration projects). The demonstration projects initiative has led to the creation of a unique collection of best practices, tools and resources aimed at improving organizational planning capacity. Evaluation of the initiative generated recommendations that may guide the ministry toward policy and program development to foster improved nursing health human resource planning capacity in Ontario healthcare organizations." (excerpt from abstract) Details
Conscientious Objection: A call to Nursing Leadership Longwoods Oublishing Corporation 2010 Ford NJ, Fraser KD & Marck PB "In this paper we argue that nurse leaders need to work actively to create morally supportive environments for nurses in Canada that provide adequate room to exercise conscientious objection. Morally supportive environments engender a safe atmosphere to engage in open dialogue and action regarding conflict of conscience" (excerpt from abstract) Details
Conscientious Objection: A call to Nursing Leadership Longwoods Oublishing Corporation 2010 Ford NJ, Fraser KD & Marck PB "In this paper we argue that nurse leaders need to work actively to create morally supportive environments for nurses in Canada that provide adequate room to exercise conscientious objection. Morally supportive environments engender a safe atmosphere to engage in open dialogue and action regarding conflict of conscience" (excerpt from abstract) Details
Existential fulfilment, workload and work engagement among nurses Sage Publicaions 2010 Tomic, M & Tomic, E "In contrast to workload, existential fulfilment and work engagement are positive dimensions of personal functioning in organisations. Research on positive dimensions fits into the context of positive psychology. Existential fulfilment, workload and engagement have not yet been investigated among nurses. The relationships between existential fulfilment, workload and engagement, as well as the contribution of the first two concepts to engagement, are examined. In a cross-sectional survey, a random sample was drawn (N = 278) from a hospital population of nurses." (excerpt from abstract) Details
How to create an attractive and supportive work environment for health professionals World Health Organisation 2010 Wiskow, C & de Pietro, C "In order to develop coherent policiees to ensure a work environemnt that attracts and retains health professionals, policy responses have to be considered at four levels: international/regional level; national level; sectoral level; and local/organizational level. Improvement of the work environemnt will require the use of measures that are relevant to (and applicable in) the specific context of a given health system..." (excerpt from document) Details
Physical Work Environment: Testing an Expanded Model of Job Satisfaction in a Sample of Registered Nurses Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc 2010 Djukic M, Kovner C, Budin WC & Norman R "The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of perceived physical work environment on job satisfaction, adjusting for multiple personal, organizational, and economic determinants of job satisfaction" (excerpt from abstract) Details
The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health National Academies Press 2010 Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine "The United States has the opportunity to transform its health care system to provide seamless, affordable, quality care that is accessible to all, patient centered, and evidence based and leads to improved health outcomes. Achieving this transformation will require remodeling many aspects of the health care system. This is especially true for the nursing profession, the largest segment of the health care workforce. This report offers recommendations that collectively serve as a blueprint to (1) ensure that nurses can practice to the full extent of their education and training, (2) improve nursing education, (3) provide opportunities for nurses to assume leadership positions and to serve as full partners in health care redesign and improvement efforts, and (4) improve data collection for workforce planning and policy making." (excerpt from summary doc) Details
A cross-country review of strategies of the German development cooperation to strengthen human resources Human Resources for Health 2009 Windisch R, Wyss K & Prytherch H "Recent years have seen growing awareness of the importance of human resources for health in health systems and with it an intensifying of the international and national policies in place to steer a response. This paper looks at how governments and donors in five countries - Cameroon, Indonesia, Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania - have translated such policies into action." (excerpt from Abstract) Details
Overlap of Registered Nurse and Physician Practice: Implications for U.S. Health Care Reform SAGE journals online 2010 Djukic M & Kovner C "This review offers an analysis of practice overlap between physicians and registered nurses (RNs) who are not advanced practice nurses. Additionally, it spotlights opportunities for expanding traditional professional boundaries to establish novel care delivery models." (excerpt from abstract) Details
An Analysis of Racial/Ethnic Pay Disparities Among Hospital Nurses in New York City SAGE journals online 2009 McGinnis, SL & Moore J "Despite growing concern over cultural competence and diversity in the registered nursing (RN) workforce, minority RNs working in hospitals in New York City who were surveyed in 2007 earned less on average than their non-Hispanic White counterparts. Regression decomposition was applied to these data to investigate how much of the differential could be attributed to different characteristics of different racial/ethnic groups and how much could be attributed to differential valuation of characteristics between racial/ethnic groups." Details
Working in Canada or the United Stattes: Perceptions of Canadian Nurses Living in a Border Community Longwoods 2010 Cameron S, Armstrong-Stassen M, Rajacich D & Freeman M " This study used the theoretical framework of push and pull factors to identify influences on nurses' decision to select work in either their home community or a cross-border community, when that opportunity was available to them. Registered nurses living along the southwest border of Ontario were identified ...and surveyed to determine the factors that influenced their decision to work in Canada or the United States, as well as their intent to remain in their current workplace." (extract from abstract) Details
The Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner in Ontario: A Workforce Study Longwoods 2009 van Soeren M, Hurlock-Chorostecki C, Goodwin S and Baker E "In this paper, we describe the evolution of the role with a focus on geographic distribution, a profile of client populations and the services provided by NP-PHCs. Comparisons will be made to findings from previous studies and reports on the NP-PHC role in Ontario." Details
Canadian Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction Longwoods 2009 Lamarch K & Tullai-McGuinness S "Purpose: To examine the level of job satisfaction and its association with extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction characteristics among Canadian primary healthcare nurse practitioners (NPs)." (exctract from abstract) Details
The health system and international recruitment Longwoods 2010 McDonald-Rencz S & Davies J "International labour mobility is one of the strategies being used in the health sector to respond to demands for health services. Various programs and actions have been put in place in the health sector to facilitate international recruitment; these programs and actions are the focus of this paper" (excerpt from abstract) Details