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Publications Related to Regulation

Publications Related to Regulation

Regulation Bulletin is a regular ICN newsletter, published twice a year. If you would like to comment or contribute please contact us. 


Toolkit on Complaints Management

Scope of Nursing Practice and Decision-Making Framework Toolkit

GATS and Mutual Recognition Agreement Toolkit

Model Nursing Act Toolkit

ICN on Regulation - Towards 21st Century Models This ICN classic proposes the fundamental characteristics for dynamic regulatory models and sets the stage for achieving regulatory goals particularly relevant to nursing. 54 p. 1996

ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses

Reducing the Gap and Improving the Interface between Education and Service: A Framework for analysis and solution generation International   

Regulation 2020: Exploration of the Present; Vision for the Future Professional nursing regulation is seen as a central component of how the health and wellbeing of our societies can be achieved and the practice of the nursing profession assured. The time has come to view nursing regulation as part of a system that is seeking to find the right balance between the quality of services, access to those services and the costs of providing them. As a result a number of questions are raised about how regulation should be viewed now and in the future. Through development of a vision for the future, a framework is provided for the design and development of regulatory systems which will continue to meet the objectives of patient safety and public protection. 58 p.  2009

The Role and Identity of the Regulator - An International Comparative Study
Because of the substantial nature of the appendices, these are available on request.

ICN has recently completed the largest ever mapping exercise of nursing jurisdictions in the world. This study report covers the project objectives, methodology, findings, discussion and offers recommendations for future research and work in the area of regulation whose primary aim is the protection of the public. It identifies the contacts, share experience and provide a comparative analysis of the fundamental workings of the legislation that governs the regulatory framework. 76 p. 2009

Nursing Regulation Guidebook: From Principles to Power
Based on the lessons learned and the experience gained from the 10-year ICN "Regulation of Nursing" project, this publication is addressed to nurses' associations, regulators, educators, students and policy-makers. Part I includes a framework for regulation and discusses the context, significance, purpose, the various elements and complexities of regulation. Part II suggests ways to establish and improve systems of professional regulation and provides analytical tools, guidelines, case studies and specific strategies for regulatory change. 1992  184 p. available on request.

Report on the Regulation of Nursing
This publication, written by Dr Margretta Madden Styles, clearly states the ICN position on the regulation of nursing and gives recommendations. 1985  45 p. available on request.


Global Issues and Trends in Nursing Education

Implementing Nurse Prescribing
This third revision reflects the significant developments in nurse prescribing policy and practice that have taken place in the last five years. It describes current practice and give examples of new developments. 94 p. 2009


An Approval System for Schools of Nursing - Guidelines
These guidelines establish the essential regulatory elements for a nursing school approvals system, provide strategies for their development and outline the resources required. 60 p. 1997
Guidelines for Assessing Distance Learning Programmes
These Guidelines propose a set of questions that a prospective learner or purchaser of distance education can use for assessing suitable distance learning programmes.

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