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 International Council of Nurses (ICN)

International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®)

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ICNP Pre-coordinated Nursing Diagnosis/Outcomes & Interventions

 ICNP Diagnosis/Outcomes: Click HERE
ICNP Interventions: Click HERE

ICNP Catalogues

Community Nursing: Click HERE
Nursing Care of Children with HIV and AIDS: Click HERE
Nursing Outcome Indicators: Click HERE
Paediatric Pain Management: Click HERE
Palliative Care: Click HERE
Partnering with Individuals and Families to Promote Adherence to Treatment: Click HERE
ICNP to SNOMED CT Equivalency Table for Diagnosis and Outcome Statements
(please review the terms of the SNOMED CT Affiliate License before downloading: www.ihtsdo.org/licence.pdf). Click HERE

ICNP Catalogues In Progress

If you are interested in participating as a catalogue reviewer, please contact the ICN Office.

Hospitalized Adult Mental Health Client: Click HERE
Hospitalized Paediatric Client: Click HERE
Post-Surgical Total Hip Replacement: Click HERE
Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Click HERE
Special Care Nursery: Click HERE

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