ICN Press Releases 2008

  1. Registration Opens for Landmark Conference on Health Regulation, (25 January 2008)
  2. International Council of Nurses condemns violence against health workers in Kenya and supports the National Nurses Association of Kenya call for protection of patients and health workers, (1st February 2008)
  3. Health professions demand strong principles for task shifting, (11 March 2008)
  4. New Tools in Regulation from the International Council of Nurses, (19 March 2008)
  5. Swaziland Wellness Centre Innovative and Effective Response to Healthcare Worker Crisis, (23 April 2008)
  6. Outstanding Nurses Receive ICN/Lilly Award for their Work in Tuberculosis and Multi–drug Resistant TB, (5 May 2008)
  7. Nurses Leading Primary Health Care,(12 May 2008)
  8. Leaders of the world’s health professions step up their support for professional self regulation, (19 May 2008)
  9. ICN Board of Directors speaks out on Myanmar and the unacceptable scarcity of nurses at WHO,(19 May 2008)
  10. International health professional associations present first-ever guidelines on incentives for health professional,(20 May 2008)
  11. New Guidance on Advanced Practice Nursing from the International Council of Nurses, (21 May 2008)
  12. ICN Confirms New Dates for 24th Quadrennial Congress, (4th June 2008)
  13. Long-awaited UN Women’s Agency Now Within Reac, (6 August 2008)
  14. ICN Announces the Release of Version 1.1 of the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®), (14 August 2008)
  15. David Benton appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Nurses (1 September 2008)
  16. Scaling Up the Global Nursing Workforce to Fight Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis,(25 September 2008)
  17. ICN Announces New Global Nurse Executive Institute, (29 September 2008)
  18. New specialist on regulation and licensure joins ICN staff, (1st October 2008)
  19. Collaborative Partnership Formed to Improve the Health of  Health Care Workers, (24 October 2009)
  20. Lilly and International Council of Nurses Win Partnership Award from the US Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center, (19 November 2008)
  21. ICN Congress Abstract Programme Now Available and Searchable Online, (23 December 2008)
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