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ICN Press Releases 2007

  1. Nurse Politicians from Around the World Connected Through New ICN Network (9 January 2007)
  2. Activist Nurse, President of MSF-Sweden, Receives ICN’s Top International Nursing Award (11 January 2007)
  3. ICN Global Nursing Conference to Focus on Dealing with the Unexpected (17 January 2007)
  4. The Time for a UN Agency for Women is Now Says the International Council of Nurses | Bulgarian nurses, Palestinian doctor in Libya (7 March 2007)
  5. Five Nurses Win the Newly Launched ICN/Lilly Award for Work in Tuberculosis and Multi–drug Resistant TB (22 March 2007)
  6. Oxfam Director to Speak at ICN’s International Nursing Conference(27 March 2007)
  7. ICN to Launch a Student Nurse Network(30 March 2007)
  8. Responding to the scourge of malaria among refugee populations: The International Council of Nurses, the UN Agency for Refugees and Merck & Co., Inc.(27 April 2007)
  9. A Defining New Publication on Leadership from ICN(3 May 2007)
  10. ICN Calls for Positive Practice Environments to Ensure Quality Patient Care (12 May 2007)
  11. ICN Award for Partners in Development Goes to Merck & Co., Inc.(29 May 2007)
  12. Dealing with the Unexpected: Nurses Hold Global Conference in Yokohama(29 May 2007)
  13. Nursing Leaders from around the World Demand that UN Member States Move Quickly on a Women's Agency (29 May 2007)
  14. Global Nursing Caucus CalIs for Justice for Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor and Libyan Children (29 May 2007)
  15. Where are the Nurses at the World Health Organization? (29 May 2007)
  16. Nurses: love the job, but not the work environment (30 May 2007)
  17. Complex Humanitarian Emergencies the Focus of New Nursing Network (31 May 2007)
  18. ICN and WMA Welcome the Release of Bulgarian Nurses (24 July 2007)
  19. Nurses in Mental Health: Always essential, needed everywhere, too often missing (13 September 2007)
  20. World Health Professions Alliance publishes core competencies (13 November 2007)
  21. Wage agreement reached following successful negotiations in Finland (20 November 2007)
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