Coin de la presse Communiqués de Presse Communiqués de Presse 2006

ICN Press Releases 2006

  1. Integration of International Nurses: Focus of Upcoming Conference (13 February 2006)
  2. UNHCR, MSD and the International Council of Nurses Team Up to Strengthen Refugee Health (24 February 2006)
  3. Nobel Peace Laureates and representatives of 20 million health care providers call on governments to fund the scale up of human resources needed to fight TB (21 March 2006)
  4. Priorities to Address Global Nursing Shortages Announced (29 March 2006)
  5. World Health Professions Alliance Commends the Essential Contribution of Health Care Workers Worldwide (7 April 2006)
  6. Nurses are Getting Orphaned Girls Back to School (24 April 2006)
  7. Safe Staffing in Health Care Saves Lives and Money (12 May 2006)
  8. New Web-Based Benevolent Programme for ICN’s Premier Foundation (18 May 2006)
  9. World Health Professionals urge FIFA to make the Wold Cup 2006 smokefree (29 May 2006)- WHPA Open Letter to FIFA
  10. ICN Issues a Strong Call for an Effective, Funded UN Agency for Women (9 June 2006)
  11. Health and Safety of Civilians is Severely Threatened in Middle East Conflict (7 August 2006)
  12. ICN Calls for Action on the Trial of Bulgarian Nurses and Palestinian Physician in Libya (12 September 2006)
  13. First-ever Health Care Worker Wellness Centre Opens in Swaziland (28 September 2006)
  14. ICN and SNOMED Further Collaboration (9 October 2006)
  15. ICN Announces Agreement with MNI for use of International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) in software (1 November 2006)
  16. ICN Applauds the High Level Panel Recommendation for a UN Agency for Women (10 November 2006)
  17. New ICN Book on Advanced Practice Covers the Globe (14 November 2006)
  18. International Council of Nurses Launches a New Centre Specializing in the Nursing Workforce (27 November 2006)
  19. The International Council of Nurses Commends Muslim Scholars’ Call to End Female Genital Mutilation (29 November 2006)
  20. BD and International Council of Nurses Collaborate to Address the Health Human Resource Crisis in Africa (30 November 2006)
  21. WMA and ICN Plead to Drop Death Sentences Against Doctors and Nurses after New Scientific Evidence (11 December 2006)
  22. Joint Statement from the International Council of Nurses and the World Medical Association (14 December 2006)
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