Message from the Chair Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the ICN Nurse Politicians Network page! As Chair of the Network and a nurse politician, I am pleased to be part of this new initiative, one I believe will bring benefits to ICN and nurse politicians alike.

For many years, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has had a strong interest in developing and strengthening the nursing influence in health policy. This includes encouraging nurses to take an active part in policy making and political decision-making processes.

The past few years have seen more nurses enter politics and today several serve as Ministers of State, members of parliament, and as provincial and state legislators as well as in positions in local government. I personally became involved in 1999 when I was asked by the Prime Minister of Iceland if I would be interested in running for a seat in Parliament. As things evolved I was elected a member of the Icelandic Parliament, Althingi, in May 1999. It continues to be a stimulating and satisfying experience, and there is no doubt that my preparation as a nurse and my experience as President of the Icelandic Nurses Association - and as an ICN Board member - have served me well.

The Network offers nurse politicians, often working in isolation, a vehicle to share knowledge and experience and exchange and test ideas. As well it provides new and experienced politicians with the opportunity to develop mentoring relationships.

The Network is primarily a safe place for nurse politicians to meet. Aside from this page, nurse politicians have access to a restricted space for information sharing and exchange.

In addition to being a vehicle of support to current politicians, the Network members are invited to:

  • Share their expertise in policy and advocacy with global nursing.
  • Assist ICN in identifying and monitoring political trends and issues affecting health care, nursing and society in general.
  • Serve as a political opinion resource to ICN.

I hope to meet many nurse colleagues through the Network and look forward to Network members sharing ideas and advice with the broader ICN membership.

With best wishes,

Asta Möller (Iceland), Chair of the Nurse Politicians Network

Mise à jour le Lundi, 18 Octobre 2010