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The Leadership For Change (LFC )™ Network was launched during the 2003 Geneva Conference. Membership in this network is available to individuals who have participated in an International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) LFC ™ programme or a LFC ™ programme provided by an ICN certified Trainer. LFC ™ programme mentors, advisory board members, sponsors and Provider Organisations are also welcome to join the LFC ™ Network.

Why a LFC ™ Network?

Over 500 LFC ™ participants, mentors, advisory board members, provider organisations and funders have participated in the LFC ™ programme in more than 50 countries. ICN is committed to supporting LFC ™ participants as leaders and managers. The LFC ™ Network is a key vehicle to deliver the support.

What will the LFC ™ Network do?

  • Provide a forum for LFC ™ participants and key partners to share strategies and successes regarding leadership and the LFC ™ programme;
  • Provide a LFC ™ Network web page with information on leadership and management that will help enrich LFC ™ Network members’ growth and development as leaders;
  • Have a regular Leadership For Change ™ column in the LFC ™ Bulletin.
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