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School & Public Health Nurses Association Annual Conference
08.10.2013 - 08.10.2013
Austin Court - Birmingham


The School and Public Health Nuses Assoication Annual Conference:

Enabling School and Public halth nurses to rise to the changing needs of children and young people.

The School and Public Health Nurses Association’s annual conference aims to
provide a programme which recognises the impact of austerity both on the
workforce and children, young people and families. Alongside this it also will highlight
the changing public health priorities of this population and where the emphasis of
service delivery needs to be.
This year’s programme will include update on policy, research, evidence and
examples of best practice provided by School Nurses, statutory and voluntary
sector partners as well as the Department of Health.
Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the advancement of the school
nursing profession, Professor Viv Bennett, Director, Nursing at Public Health
England (PHE) and Director, Nursing at the Department of Health alongside
Wendy Nicholson, Department of Health Professional Officer for Nursing
(School Nursing), will bring us up to date with the vision and ongoing
development of School and Public Health Nursing.
There will also be a presentation by Jo Yarwood, Department of Health
Programme Manager for Immunisations, who will speak on the multiple changes
and additions to the childhood immunisation programme and the crucial role that
school nurses play in health protection.
Managing the ever-increasing demands of safeguarding children and young people
and the concerning changing landscape regarding child sexual exploitation, is a having
a huge impact on school nurses who tell us they often feel they are working at
‘dangerous capacity’. We will have presentations which will provide both current
best practice examples and tools for the trade, all essential in ensuring efficiencies,
retaining quality, but more importantly, protecting children and young people.
In order for our work to be most effective and to reach those most in need,
young people need to remain at the heart of all we deliver. Young carers will
speak about their experiences of the renewed focus of school nursing on them,
the impact and how they are helping to train school nurse champions!
Using social media, influencing commissioning, school service planners and
assessment tools for emotional health and well-being are also on the agenda
exploring the use of technology, business ‘savvyness’ and tried and tested
methods which result in positive outcomes without necessarily requiring high
levels of investment.
We recognise and understand the demands on School and Public Health Nurses
in meeting the health needs of children and young people. This conference
focuses on how we can work smarter not just even harder!

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