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    Crossmapping of the regional developed nursing classification DiZiMa (Diagnosen-Ziele-Maßnahmen) with ICNP
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    Renate Ranegger
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    May 2013 - present
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    Given the lack of opportunity for comparability of nursing data, a valid instrument for collecting comparable data is required. The development of a Nursing Minimum Data Sets for Austria seems essential to provide valid results and benefits for patient safety, continuity of care, quality of care and cost control for the stakeholders in health care. Furthermore, there is in nursing a variety of classification systems, resulting in a lack of semantic interoperability and it is not possible to compare nursing data at regional, national and international level. Therefore, a mapping of the nursing classification DiZiMa, who was develop in the Steiermärkischen Krankenansaltengesellschaft, with ICNP is necessary. For this project is a crossmapping with a parallel-mapping-method planned.

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