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    Evaluation at Nine Months after the Establishment of Nursing Care Support System with Reference to ICNP
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    Shida Kyouko
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    August 2002 Shida Kyouko Abstract: Evaluation Nine Months after the Establishment of Nursing Care Support System with Reference to ICNP- • Kyoko Shida Kitasato Institute Hospital Department of Nursing To clarify the points to be improved in our nursing support system we compared terminology and conceptual structures used in the nursing support system of our hospital with ICNP Japanese version published recently. The hospital staffs, reflecting clinical paths or a procedure manual of Kitasato Inst. hospital precisely as possible, created our nursing support system soft ware. We compared technical terms, concrete expressions and classifications of patient's condition or nursing care used in this nursing support system with those of ICNP. Results: 1. There were differences of 2D[time]-axis between ICNP and our system. For example, there was no description in ICNP concerning the frequency of execution of medical care per day. In other words, ICNP could not specify the frequency and interval of periodical nursing care. Since there was no description in ICNP expressing the daytime or the night, one should specify the precise time for execution of trifling care. These points were considered to be essential for practical nursing service. 2. In ICNP, equipment to use was described by a generic name. However, in our system, it was described a more concrete brand name. Conclusions The terms in daily clinical practice or procedure were more various than ICNP. It was suggested that this differences were influenced by the culture, the market change and medical improvement. Individual efforts for creating the database by our nursing support system promoted unifying the terminology, and in turn might improve communication among medical staffs and patients. It was clear that it was impossible to standardize the whole terminology according to ICNP, but taking ICNP into account positively can promote more standardization of our system. This effort may contribute to create a universal nursing system.
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