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    Translation and Testing ICNP® in Italy
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    Julita Sansoni
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    The translation process of the ICNP® into Italian provided feedback to ICN. With the translation the ICNP® can now be further evaluated and tested in Italy. The following files about this work are available: In English: Nursing visibility: could the ICNP help? [pdf file, 250 KB] Presentation 1 [PowerPoint] Presentation 2 [PowerPoint] Presentation 3 [PowerPoint] Presentation 4 [PowerPoint] In Italian: Visibilità Infermieristica: L'ICNP potrebbe aiutare? [pdf file, 295 KB] Traduzione e validazione italiana della Classificazione Internazionale per la Pratica Infermieristica (ICNP Beta) [pdf file, 172 KB] Un'esperienza applicativa del sistema tassonomico ICNP nella costruzione di protocolli infermieristici [pdf file, 97 KB]
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