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    Testing of the International Classification for Nursing Practice to define nursing diagnosis and procedures: usage in the electronic nursing record and in the implementaion of pressure ulcers prevention plan
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    M.Cristina Mazzoleni
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    The aim of this work is to promote the use of standard terminology for nursing documentation and for nurse protocols' description. We implemented an ICNP browser and we integrated it into two different systems: the nursing electronic patient record and the nursing protocols editor. The former allows nurses to choose ICNP terms for filling the clinical chart, while the latter allows computerising protocols using ICNP terms for the actions specification. Since, in a nursing information system, it should be worth to integrate protocols with the electronic patient record, sharing the same terminology is a crucial issue. We also show how we tailored the information system to the different wards. For each ward, we devised the most frequent patient needs and nursing actions. These lists are used to customise the different interfaces. Finally, by testing the prototype using real-world documents (clinical charts and protocols), we carried out an evaluation of the terminology itself, about its completeness and usability. [Full text, pdf file - 206 KB] [Click here] to close this window
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