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    Conceptual System Design and Implementation of a web-based Classification-Browser for Documentation of Nursing Practice with PHP and XML
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    Claudia Neumann
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    The work is composed of a practical part, which is the development of the application itself, and a theoretical part that is the documentation and discussion of the application- development under certain viewpoints. Practical Part: Development of a web-based Application, which makes a Classification for Nursing Practice (here ICNP® Beta 2) accessible and allows in a Pilot-Project to use this Classification for Documentation in Nursing Practice. The Application is arranged bi-lingual (German-English). The application enables the user to navigate terms and definitions of the classification in List Views and Detail Views as well as in a hierarchy-mapping “Classification-Browser” or navigate single terms with a “Search”-function. In the List Views all terms of one axis of the Classification at a time are displayed, ordered by classification-numbers. In a Navigation-Menu the user can change to another axis. The List Views give access to a Detail View for each term that shows the German and English terms of the chosen classification-node as well as the definitions in both languages. The “Classification-Browser“ provides the possibility to navigate the hierarchical levels of the classification displaying one parent-node with all its subsidiary child-nodes at a time – starting from the root of the classification-tree. From the child-nodes the user can navigate further to their subsidiary child-nodes, from the parent-nodes navigation allows for displaying their superior parent-nodes. In this way terms can be found by thematic and hierarchical context. Again for each term it is possible to open the Detail View. The “Search“-Function supports finding the terms with the help of Similar Search in the term-hierarchy-tree. Core of the Application is the Documentation Function that allows for using all navigations described above composing complex statements of nursing for a patient. The output is written to PDF-format. The Documentation Function has the character of a pilot-system, which can be developed further to fully applicable software. It has the purpose to show the technical feasibility. The application is developed with D/HTML, PHP, XML, XSL/XSLT and a MySQL-Database. For technical reasons (XSL-interpretation) full functioning is only given with an XSL-interpreting Web-Browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer Versions >5.5). Theoretical Part: The theoretical part documents the conceptual system design and working together of the layers as well as basic decision-viewpoints and discusses technical strengths and weaknesses. Various diagrams clarify the distribution of the application and working together of the parts on server- and client-side. The concluding outlook shows further possibilities e.g. to integrate PHP even into a More-Tier-Architecture together with Java. http://www.inf.fh-dortmund.de/icnp/ (The ICNP®-Browser can only be used with an XML-interpreting Web-Browser, e.g. the Internet Explorer Version 5 or higher. Click on the small flag for the English version)
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