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    Authenticating the Voice of Nursing Through the Use of ICNP in Capturing Nursing Data from Multiple Practice Settings
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    Margie Ann Kennedy
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    This research study involves the examination and evaluation of the ICNP classification system for nursing practice. This research is triangulated around several interrelated aspects of the central question “What is the value of ICNP in helping nurses in their professional practice and articulate their impact in health care?” Initially, the determination of how effectively ICNP captures nursing data from client records across varied practice settings will be the focus, followed by a critical analysis of the results to evaluate whether or not the use of ICNP supports professional practice by authenticating nursing’s voice and value to health care. In response to the strong political tone of this research, cultural studies will inform the research. Purposeful sampling techniques will be employed to secure access to the necessary data. Client records will be selected from four practice settings, including acute care, mental health, home health care, and long term care. The records will be examined and the nursing information from the last known health episode/admission coded according to ICNP guidelines. The records will be obtained through Nova Scotia health care institutions and agencies. Data Collection: Data will be derived from three major sources, which include data from a critique of ICNP, data from the application of ICNP to client records, and data from other tools. Twenty-five records from each practice area will be examined. Items from the nursing documentation of the patient record will be coded based on the following scale - 100% match with ICNP, conceptual match with ICNP, and no match. If no matches or limited matches are discovered.


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    • Kennedy, M. A. (2005) Packaging nursing as politically potent: A Critical reflexive cultural studies approach to nursing informatics.  (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.
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