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    Using ICNP® in the Research of Child Development
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    Maria Verissimo
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    November 2009 - Present
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    The objective of this research is to analyze the approach the topic in child development nursing classifications and propose contributions to its improvement. Therefore, specific objectives of the study are: • identify studies on the ratings nursing to address the issue of development of Children • Identify, in the main classifications nursing, all topics related to child development. • Analyze and discuss the contents with respect the subject child development in different classifications selected for study. • Submit content to the systematic analysis specialists in the area of health nursing children. • Identify elements that need to be redesigned to improve the approach child development in the rankings nursing.

    February 2013 Update:

    There are two students who will finish their thesis in February 2014 and are working on scholarly publications.

    Juliana Martins de Souza: ‘Concept analysis of Child Development’. 

    Soraia Matilde Marques: ‘Design an ICNP® catalog to follow the development of the child from 0 to 1 year’.

    One paper is already published:

    Martins J, Verissimo MLÓR. (2013). Child Development in the NANDA-I and International Classification for Nursing Practice Nursing Classifications. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge Volume 24, No. 1, p 44-49.

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