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    Construction of an ICNP Subset for the phenomenon of Breastfeeding
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    Candida Primo
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    October 2010 - Present
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    Introduction: Appropriate feeding practices are of fundamental importance, and a large body of evidence demonstrates the benefits of breastfeeding for child survival, growth, and development. There has been considerable progress in the implementation of interventions to improve breastfeeding practices.

    Within that context, the role of nursing is unquestionable and it should be noted, for the purposes of this research, that breastfeeding is considered by the International Council of Nurses as a priority for the development of ICNP® Subsets.

    Objective:  To construct, on the basis of the ICNP® Seven Axes Model, an ICNP® Subset for the phenomenon of Breastfeeding, including nursing diagnoses / outcomes and interventions.

    Methods: This is an exploratory-descriptive research, in which it will be followed the ICN model for terminology subset development, involving six steps:

    • identifying client and health priority,
    • gathering terms and concepts relevant to a given priority,
    • mapping the identified concepts to the ICNP terminology,
    • modeling new concepts,
    • finalizing the Subset, and
    • disseminating the Subset.

    Implications for nursing practice: The ICNP® Breastfeeding Subset will fill a practical need to describe nursing diagnoses, outcomes and interventions appropriate for a particular area of nursing practice. It is expected that it will contribute to the clinical and therapeutic reasoning, as well as to nursing documentation. Therefore, to give a greater visibility to the role of the nurses in clinical practice.

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