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    Testing the ICNP® in the system of GSS - Care Management research project
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    Dr. Leonardo Florêncio
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    2009 - 2012
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    The systematic assistance Nursing (SAN) has emerged as a theme to be explored as a GSS - Care Management research project – ISHA - Integrated System Home Attention. The ISHA was developed as an instrument assistive qualifications, and made operational by a software via Web, which incorporates actions performed over home attention process. The development of this proposal highlighted the importance of use practice of an instrument or universal terminology team Nursing, aimed at improving the assistance and estimate costs from care management. In this context, the ICNP® makes nursing data readily available and usable in systems information on health, aiming to standardize and standardization terms employed in nursing practice and to improve communication between nurses and other health professionals. There is no record in the ICNP® development literature, thus it becomes relevant elaborating a strategy for your GSS system deployment and the consequent systematization of care Nursing, as reflected in the qualification of assistance.

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