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    The Adequacy of the Clinical Care Classificationas a Taxonomy to Support Data Capture for Measurement of Nursing Workload
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    Christine Caligtan, Patricia Dykes
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    September 2009 - Present
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    As Partners HealthCare System continues to make the transition from paper to electronic systems it is essential that consideration be given to prioritizing coded data capture in electronic systems. While coded data are needed for decision support, research and reporting, the data entry burden on end users must be minimized. There is wide variation in the types of data that are needed to support administrative versus clinical reporting. Capture of data to support measurement and reporting of nursing workload is fundamental to effective resource utilization. However, there is a paucity of research to date to establish a method for efficient capture of data for this purpose. This study will evaluate the adequacy of the Clinical Care Classification System (CCC) as a taxonomy to support data capture for measurement of nursing workload in the context of routine nursing documentation. In addition, the alignment of CCC with existing reference terminologies (International Classification for Nursing Practice and SNOMED) will be evaluated. This work will provide a foundation for identifying nursing terminology requirements for acute care documentation at Partners HealthCare.
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