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    Flinders University Program for Disaster Nursing
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    Dr Lidia Mayner
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    January 2010 - present
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    Flinders University currently has a newly formed Research Centre for Disaster Resilience and Health within which is housed the ICNP® centre for Disaster Nursing. Disaster nursing has been aligned with triaging, emergency nursing and trauma nursing however, with the advent of more disasters, more knowledge in this area and more publications Disaster Nursing could be described as comprising a complex multifactorial array of skills, understanding and knowledge. Disaster Nursing is slowly structuring itself and emerging and being recognised as a formal discipline within nursing. At present much work is required in moulding the structure and philosophy of disaster nursing as well as compiling evidence so as to formulate this new and essential nursing discipline. The work currently undertaken at Flinders University, School of Nursing and Midwifery was to firstly gather a comprehensive listing of terms related to disaster so as to have a unified language / terminology in this area– this phase is almost completed. The next phase is to use this terminology to build the catalogue that can reflect both competencies and evidence within a disaster nursing context. Other research projects in the area of Disaster Nursing currently being undertaken are: Medication preparedness for people with chronic conditions during disasters. Medication for people with chronic conditions who present to ED during extreme weather. Understanding the willingness of emergency nurses to respond to a health care disaster. Disaster response for aged care facilities.

    Dr Lidia Mayner Director – Flinders University Program for Disaster Nursing – an ICN accredited centre for ICNP® Research and Development.

    Professor Paul Arbon AM Director - Flinders University Research Centre for Disaster Resilience and Health

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