Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    Main Chamber of Nurses and Midwives of Poland (Naczelna Izba Pielęgniarek I Polożnych)
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    Al. Ujazdowskie22 IIIp
    00-478 Warszawa

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    Al. Ujazdowskie22 IIIp
    00-478 Warszawa

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    +48 22 628 34 93
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    +48 22 628 58 61
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    Dr Elzbieta Buczkowska
  • Regulatory Body

    The Polish chamber of nurses and midwives is a self-governing organisation created to represent professional, social and economic interests of these professions. The Chamber works under Nurses and Midwives Self Government Act, signed in April 1991.

    The tasks of the self-government are: fulfilment of care and supervision over proper practice of nurses and midwives profession, protection of nurses and midwives professional dignity, and dissemination of health education.

    The Chamber is also responsible for running the register of nurses in Poland. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

  • Health System

    Poland has a mixed system for public and private health care financing. Social health insurance contributions represent the major public source of health care financing.

    Primary health care and family medicine have strengthened since 1991 with an increased focus on training health professionals in family medicine. There is a strict separation between outpatient specialized care and inpatient care.

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - Health Systems in Transition – Poland (2005) (accessed on 23.04.2009)

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    51.919438, 19.145136
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