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Contact Information Sheet
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    The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel, Statens Authorisasjonskontor for Helsepersonell (SAFH)
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    PO Box 8053 Dep NO-0031

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    Calmeyers gate 1,

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    +47 21 52 97 00
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    + 47 21 52 97 03
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    Mr Peter Hangum
  • Regulatory Body
    In pursuance of the Health Professional Act July 1999, the authority to give authorisation and licences to health care personnel lies with SAFH. The objective of this Act is to contribute to safety for patients and quality within the health service as well as trust in both health personnel and the health service. This Act applies to health personnel and facilities where health care is being provided.

    SAFH is responsible for granting the professional authorisation required in order to practice the applicants' profession within the legally regulated health personnel categories. Authorisation represents full and permanent approval, while licences impose one or more limitations with respect to duration, independent or supervised practise, etc. (accessed on 23.04.2009)

  • Health System
    The Norwegian health care system is organized on three levels, i.e. national, regional and local levels. Overall responsibility for the health care sector rests at the national level, with the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The regional level is represented by five regional health authorities, which have responsibility for specialist health care; and the local level represented by 434 municipalities with responsibility for primary health care (including nursing care).

    Sourced from:
    European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - Health Systems in Transition – Norway (2006) (accessed on 23.04.2009)

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