Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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    The Nursing Council of Zimbabwe (NCZ)
  • Address

    Postal Address

    16 Dale Road, Marlborough

    P.O. Box A830, Avondale

    HARARE, Zimbabwe


    Location Address

    16 Dale Road, Marlborough

    P.O. Box A830, Avondale

    HARARE, Zimbabwe

  • Phone
    +263 4 30 9436; +263 4 30 9237; +263.4.300169
  • Fax
    +263 011 300169
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    Not available
  • Contact Point
    Mrs Muriel Nontando Mothobi
    + 263 0913 279 952
  • Regulatory Body

    The Nurses Council of Zimbabwe (NCZ) was established through the Health Professions Act [Chapter 27:19] in 2000. NCZ Core Values are commitment, respect, teamwork, integrity, and honesty. ‘To saturate nursing with integrity and honesty’ is NCZ Vision. NCZ have been given a broad based Mandate as laid out below

    Regulatory roles

    • “to regulate, control and supervise all matters affecting the training  of persons in, and the manner of the exercise of, the professions and callings specified …”
    • “to define and enforce ethical practice and discipline among nurses”
    • “to evaluate and monitor the standards of qualifying examinations, courses and training for nurses”

    Other functions of NCZ

    Focus area

    Functions of NCZ

    Collaborative role

    “to promote liaison in the field of training referred to …, both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, and to monitor, enforce and improve the standards of such training in Zimbabwe”

    Networking role

    “to encourage cooperation between the Council and other councils established under the Act”

    Advocacy role

    “to assist in the promotion of the health of the population of Zimbabwe”

    Advocacy & lobbying role

    “to present the views of nurses on national, regional and international issues”

    Advisory role

    “to advise the Minister on any matter affecting the profession or calling of any nurse”

    Advisory role

    “to communicate to the Minister information on matters of public importance acquired by the Council in the performance of its functions under this Act”

    Decision-making role

    “to take such steps as appear to the Council to be necessary or desirable to advance the standing and effectiveness of nurses in Zimbabwe”

    Certification role

    “to consider and determine applications for the registration of nurses in accordance with such conditions, whether as to qualifications or otherwise, as may be prescribed by the Council”

    Approval role

    “to evaluate any examinations, training courses and qualifications of foreign institutions for the purposes of the registration of nurses”

    Licensing role

    “to issue practicing certificates to nurses and to cancel or suspend such certificates in terms of the Act”

    Administrative role

    “to establish and maintain one or more registers … for the registration of nurses”

    Administrative role

    “to perform any other function that may be conferred or imposed upon the Council by or in terms of this Act or any other enactment”;view=article&id=11&Itemid=2 (updated 2010) (accessed on 20.06.2011)

  • Health System

    Zimbabwe has a population of 13 million. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that life expectancy in Zimbabwe in 2004 was 37 years for males and 34 years for females and the main causes of death are HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory infections, tuberculosis, and perinatal conditions.

    Infant mortality per 1000 lives births was 78 (both sexes); under 5 mortality per 1000 live births was 129 (both sexes); and maternal mortality per 100,000 live births was 1100.

    Total expenditure on health is 7.9% of GDP. General Government expenditure on health as percentage of total government expenditure was 9.2%, private expenditure on health as a percentage of total expenditure on health was 64.1%.

    Development goals have been set by the Zimbabwe government to improve health outcomes for the population. The Ministry purposed the national health strategy plan for 2009-2013. (updated 2010) (accessed on 20.06.2011)

    (Validated 2011)

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