Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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  • Geographical Area
    United States of America
  • Jurisdiction
    Virgin Islands
  • Organisation
    Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure
  • Address

    Postal Address
    PO Box 304247
    Veterans Drive Station
    St Thomas

  • Phone
    +1 340 776 7131
  • Fax
    +1 340 777 4003
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  • Contact Point
    Diane Ruan-Viville
    Executive Director
  • Regulatory Body

    The goal of the Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure is to safeguard the public’s health, safety and welfare through the regulation of nursing education, entry to nursing practice, and promotion of continuing safe nursing practice.

    Nursing Practice Law not available.

  • Health System

    The Department of Health functions as both the state regulatory agency and the territorial public health agency for the U.S. Virgin Islands. As set forth by the Virgin Islands Code, Titles 3 and 19, the Department of Health (DOH) has direct responsibility for conducting programs of preventive medicine, including special programs in Maternal and Child Health, Family Planning, Environmental Sanitation, Mental Health, and Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention. DOH also is responsible for health promotion and protection, regulation of health care providers and facilities, and policy development and planning, as well as maintaining the vital statistics for the population.

    Services are focused towards accomplishing the Department’s aim and are administered by 34 activity centers under the following four (4) divisions:
    • Office of the Commissioner
    • Division of Fiscal Affairs
    • Division of Administrative Services and Management
    • Preventative Health Services

    The department includes three health care facilities, two district offices and field offices, as well as the central office, located on St. Thomas. (accessed 28.04.2009)

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    17.74345487051766, -64.79736328125
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