Contact Information Sheet

Contact Information Sheet
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  • Geographical Area
    Middle East& Gulf States
  • Jurisdiction
    Emirate of Dubai
  • Organisation
    Dubai Health Authority Health Regulation
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    Postal Address
    PO Box 4545
    Dubai, UAE

    Location Address:
    Building 64 (Al Razi),
    Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), Block C, First Floor, Room 1017
    Dubia, UAE

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    + 971 (04) 429 8925
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    + 971 (04) 429 8520
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  • Contact Point
    Mr. Jean Noel David,
    Implementation Director
  • Regulatory Body

    There are currently over ten existing bodies responsible for regulating healthcare within Dubai.  In association with the existing regulatory entities, the DHA is seeking to deliver one single new integrated licensing system for the whole of Dubai. 
    Within the DHA the Government will create a new health regulation agency.  The new DHA health regulation agency will manage all regulatory functions within the medical and health sector in Dubai.   It will be the sole issuer of all licenses for all health professionals and facilities in Dubai.

    The DHA’s new regulation agency will:

    1. License all healthcare providers and facilities in Dubai
    2. Simplify the regulatory burden by managing and coordinating all regulatory resources within the Dubai health sector
    3. Be responsible for the DHA’s regulatory policy and standards, helping to ensure safe and effective practice in all health services in Dubai
    4. Undertake regular inspections of all health facilities, helping to enforce DHA’s clinical standards
    5. Deliver DHA’s economic regulation policy
    6. Monitor professional performance
    7. Implement and manage a health related complaints service and process that delivers quick and transparent outcomes
    8. Assist health care providers to achieve the necessary standards
  • Health System
    The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the Government of Dubai’s new strategic health authority responsible for the whole health care sector within the Emirate.  It was created by law issued by His Highness the Ruler of Dubai, in June 2007.   The DHA is empowered to set policy and strategy for health and to ensure the application of that health policy and strategy.  The DHA has four main areas of responsibility:
    1. Health strategy and policy
    2. Health regulation
    3. Health funding
    4. Public health


    In developing these responsibilities the DHA is currently undertaking a four year transition programme, which will conclude in 2012.

    On completion, it will lead an integrated approach across the spectrum of health, anticipating Dubai’s future needs and responding to the needs of the people using health services in Dubai.

    Within the new structure, the DHA will not be directly responsible for providing health services in Dubai. In future, Government health services will be delivered by a Government owned public corporation, separate from the DHA. This will allow the DHA to be completely independent in managing the wider health sector within the Emirate.

    Validated: March 2009

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