FNIF Luncheon

FNIF Luncheon

The FNIF Fundraising Luncheon is held every two years at the ICN Congress in order to promote the work of and raise funds for the Florence Nightingale International Foundation.

30 June 1999: London, England
13 June 2001: Copenhagen, Denmark
28 June 2003: Geneva, Switzerland
25 May 2005: Taipei, Taiwan

31 May 2007: Yokohama, Japan

FNIF Luncheon 2007

2 July 2009: Durban, South Africa (75th anniversary)

FNIF Luncheon 2009

6 May 2011: Valletta, Malta

FNIF Luncheon 2011


21 May 2013: Melbourne Australia

FNIF Luncheon 2013

The next FNIF Luncheon will be held in Seoul, South Korea during the 2015 ICN Conference.  More details will follow soon.

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