Challenges and strategies for gaining employment.

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Challenges and strategies for gaining employment.

Postby caroljoy » 13 Apr 2013, 12:08

Hi everyone,

I am an Australian nursing student, preparing to present at the Student Network Asssembly of the ICN Congress in Melbourne this May.

I hope to meet many of you there!

I am also wondering what you all think about the topic; the economic crisis and the resultant challenges many new graduates are facing finding employment in their chosen career in current times of lay-offs and cutbacks.

Have you and/or your peers found it hard to get work?

What have you done to increase your opportunities of finding employment? What works, what doesn't work?

For example, here in Australia we are facing a workforce shortage of nurses, however there are not enough graduate programs for the number of graduates. So, despite their being a great need for nurses, a huge proportion of our new grads can't find work!
To increase chances of getting work, some students focus on maintaining high grades, developing strong relationships during their placements/lower qualified work, and taking part in leadership roles and community work to bolster resumes. Yet others are beginning to lobby and advocate for the need to develop grad programs at a policy level...

I would love to hear your ideas,


Carol :)

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Re: Challenges and strategies for gaining employment.

Postby jb@icn » 17 Apr 2013, 08:29

Thanks Carol for posting your question. I hope this generates some dialogue on the network forum particularly from students who won't be able to attend the network meeting. As the ICN staff person responsible for the student network, I really encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity for online discussion with other nursing students from around the globe.

Jean Barry,
ICN Nurse Consultant

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Re: Challenges and strategies for gaining employment.

Postby sofiajoe » 05 Nov 2014, 06:30

Thanks for your presentation. I enjoyed it - even as anew graduate nurse. I wish Australia had a national student nursing association such as yours when I was an undergraduate.
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