Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

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Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

Postby Patrick » 19 Aug 2012, 16:44

Hey Guys:

Good morning from Columbia, SC, USA!

I am a member of the faculty in the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) and am considering developing a non-profit organization to collect and then donate nursing textbooks to student nurses worldwide! As a member of the faculty I know that we ALL have way too many books on our shelves that could be donated to a better purpose ... the education of students across the world! My intent is to collect these books from faculty and book publishers across the US and then distribute to schools of nursing in countries that have a need for those books!

Please let me know your thoughts on this process and/or if you feel that it is a need!

Many thanks,

Patrick :D

Patrick Hickey RN,BSN,MS,MSN,Dr.P.H.,CNOR
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
University of South Carolina

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Re: Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

Postby mpcardoza » 21 Aug 2012, 20:37

Hi Patrick,
I had investigated collecting gently used and new nursing textbooks for donation to a non-profit in Africa 2 years ago and unfortunately I would have had to pay for the shipping. UUGGHH! Which is a very costly endeavor. You might want to investigate how you would be able to ship the texts to needy global faculty and students before you begin the process.
Best wishes,
Dr. Maureen Cardoza

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Re: Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

Postby grossjj » 08 Oct 2012, 16:33


Nursing students in sub-Saharan Africa have difficulty acquiring textbooks. First, very costly. Second, they typically have no credit cards and cannot even order them from a company willing to ship. Third, lack availability. I have had nursing textbooks shipped on two occasions to Ghana via the International Book Project - an NGO located in Lexington, KY. I just had to raise some funds to cover some in country costs but not the whole shipment. You might consider them as a resource for shipping texts.

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Re: Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

Postby drggRN » 16 Oct 2012, 01:46

Dear Patrick,

I am certain there are students in various low-income countries who may benefit from some of the resources you wish to give. Perhaps if you identified defined populations you want to donate to, that would be a beginning. Sending references from high income countries to low income countries involves some understanding of the receiving cultures and the faculty in those cultures. Health care systems have to be considered as well. Hope this is helpful.

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Re: Donating Nursing Books to Student Nurses

Postby omarionelson » 26 Apr 2013, 09:18

I must admit that the world needs many more people like you.
I am Balingwe Nelson, from Cameroon-Africa.
This is a serious problem you have raised and i think i embrass it with both arms. Being a student nurse and mentoring student nurses, i actually find this a big problem. Just about 10% of the students can boost of ownership of at most four essesntial textbooks. We try to persuade them to buy but they complain of financial difficulties.
I belong to nursing associations and coordinate certain student activities in their associations. As an individual, i could also make a good liason to this open offer you are making, sir.

The scholarship/prize giving or motivational aspect in the lifes of student nurses is quite lacking. We could develop a Study assistance Scheme for meritoriuos/best students in courses they offer. I always like to encourage students but making sure that they dont loose focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge they require to practice effectively.

About the shipment, about how much can it cost? We can discuss this back home and see how to support or something.

Thanks once again
Balingwe Nelson
MSc. Nursing Education, BNS, University of Buea

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