INP/APN network meeting Malta

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INP/APN network meeting Malta

Postby jb@icn » 04 Apr 2011, 17:02

This post is to provide information on the Network meeting in Malta as part of the ICN conference

Advanced Practice Network
Moderator: Petrie Roodbol , Network Chair,
Speakers Petrie Roodbol (the Netherlands) (the Netherlands), Anna Green, (Australia) Francis Wong (Hong Kong) Patricia Maybee (New Zeland)

Room: Cotoner Hall
Time: 10:30-11.50
Language: English

The development of the Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse (NP/APN) role is gaining momentum globally due to changes in health care systems allocation of resources and the advent of primary health care as a strategy to achieve Health for All. Increasing cost of health care, technological advancements, more informed consumers and the increasing recognition that nurses contribute in various health care models, has led to the increased expansion of the Advance Practice Nurse role. In addition, addressing the health needs of underserved and under serviced communities in different contexts across different countries has contributed to the development of these roles..

Advanced Practice Nursing continues to develop around the world and network membership continues to expand rapidly. After a series of short presentations from network leadership highlighting the nurse practitioner/advanced practice nurse movement around the world, network members will be invited to share and learn about the challenges and successes with establishing the NP/APN role. In addition there will be updates from the Network sup-groups including information on a regulatory survey being carried out by one of the sub-groups.

We hope those with an interest in advanced practice who are attending the Malta conference will be able to join us at this meeting.

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Re: INP/APN network meeting Malta

Postby winn99 » 31 May 2011, 03:16

As you stated in your summery as to the Advanced Nursing Practice role in the Malta Meeting APN is advancing all around the world here in Puerto Rico we have constructed new APN materials and courses to meet the needs of advanced nursing practice ,we will also be producing come this fall five CNS and Critical care specialist in the western region as advanced nurses we face a set of different challenges . We will be teaching the New Nurse Workforce, I believe we are ready for the challenges ahead . It is great to know that there is a forum where we can discuss our special challenges and issues for that I would like to thank Ms Jean Barry who does a great job for all of us.

Ms Leticia Cruz RN

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Re: INP/APN network meeting Malta

Postby adward » 13 Feb 2012, 14:17

Thanks jb@icn for your hard contribution.
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