Donations for Helsinki ICN/INP/ APN Conference

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Donations for Helsinki ICN/INP/ APN Conference

Postby Maureenmom » 04 Mar 2014, 19:57

:) Happy March to all viewers! Soon we will be posting application on line forms for APN/ NP scholarships/ grants to enable awardees support to attend the Helsinki conference! Priority is given to APN/ NPs from countries where the advanced practice role is in early development, this is the attendee's first APN/ NP conference, and the applicant has submitted for presentation. PLEASE WATCH FOR application on line forms.... :D

THESE AWARDS are made possible through donations by fellow Nurse Practitioners/Advance Practice Nurses from around the world. Our fundraising committee sells pins as well as holding a SILENT AUCTION at our booth/ tables . WE ALL CAN donate items at our Helsinki conference. These beautiful items are displayed and YOU obtain a number at our table and BID on items you would like to purchase! What a great opportunity to shop world wide items and know the money goes to a GREAT cause! At the close of the conference these wonderful items are "sold to the highest bidder" and the item winners pay at our booth...the winner pays, receives the item and the money generated goes towards our GRANT/ SCHOLARSHIPS to support selected attendees for the next conferences. Please bid and be prepared to purchase the item IF your bid is the last one on the item's sheet at the close of the auction. Serious bids only, please.

Please plan to bring an item for donation to Helsinki? Some past donated items have included jewelry, craft items unique to country of origin, native art work, books, hours of APN consulting, prints, sweatshirts with logos, bathrobes, scarves, purses, computer items, CDs, wool or native cloth items, corsages, coffee cups, nature items, bags, t- shirts, professional magazines and SO many more!

My intent was to email "thank you's" to the generous donors of the LONDON conference. My inability to decipher email addresses and changes on those addresses - has made it difficult. SO, to those generous donors from Past... SPECIAL "THANK you". ( there were over 70 donated items!) PLEASE plan to "tuck in" an item to donate at Helsinki. KNOW that together we can aid our fellow collegues in attending future conferences! THANK you, THANK you, THANK you! :)

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