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Developing an International Rheumatology Nursing Network

Posted: 02 Nov 2013, 17:02
by rheumatologynurse13
I am delighted to join your network. I am chair of European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Health Professionals. I am a nurse consultant myself but am dedicated to improving the provision of high quality practitioner care for people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. With a small group of contacts I am hoping to build a network so we can co-ordinate standards, guidelines,training and mentorship support. However, it is an area that is not strongly developed in less well developed countries and our group hope that by collaboration we can improve outcomes for all countries. So if you have a view would love to hear but also hear of nurses who specialise in this field who you can put in touch with me to build this network. I am not sure if there is an opportunity to develop a specialist group within ICN?

Re: Developing an International Rheumatology Nursing Network

Posted: 07 Nov 2013, 05:41
by greenal
The international NP/APN network would welcome you to share your story as a nurse consultant in rheumatorlogy in our bulletin which is published twice a year. We aim to provide a forum for sharing of ideas and exchange of information. Our subgroups focus on generic areas of interest such as research, education, practice, communication, health policy etc where we find commonality between us regardless of our area of practice rather than focusing on specialty areas. Good luck with establishing an international rheumatology network, I hope you get some contacts from our forum

Warm regards Anna

Re: Developing an International Rheumatology Nursing Network

Posted: 05 Dec 2013, 19:28
by rheumatologynurse13
:) :) It is great to hear your thoughts. Unfortunately limited response so far. In fact I have been working in a range of forums and think there are many commonalities with other specialist nurses caring for people with long term conditions - such dermatology, gastro-enterology, diabetes, cardiology etc. We often share developments and expertise - having said that there is a real need to support the development of the rheumatology field bearing in mind it is the poor relation to the above and there is an international and growing burden related to a wide range of issues for people with musculoskeletal conditions. Hopefully we will have many exciting responses! Very best wishes

Re: Developing an International Rheumatology Nursing Network

Posted: 13 Dec 2016, 14:23
by rheumatologynurse13
Dear Colleagues,
I am a nurse consultant in Rheumatology and have been a member of the forum for some years but not really had much success with linking in with others.

Although just retired from Clinical Practice and having worked across Europe as Chair of EULAR Health Professionals for 4 years I am not undertaking some small consultancy roles working alongside countries that wish to develop their nurse specialist or specialist rheumatology roles. I have for many years been actively employed in working on 2 year contracts focusing on service re-design using the role of the nurse as a pivotal point in service re-design for rheumatology/Chronic Disease.

I would like to network with senior members of the Chinese Nursing Association or those that have influence in some way to identify key change opportunities for Chronic Disease Management in China. I have been working to support a number of exciting initiatives over the years and a model that shows the viability of these new roles in China can be seen in Hong Kong where rheumatology nurses are now officially recognised as a specialism.

Any thoughts /contacts would be really helpful. I feel patient care and quality of care as highlighted in the WHO Shanghai declaration for world health.