Volunteering in USA

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Volunteering in USA

Postby joselurdc » 29 May 2014, 21:11

Dear Forum members:

I am a 3rd year nursing student from Spain. I am planning to spend the summer break visiting my family in California and I would like to take this opportunity to volunteer myself to work in nursing and related fields.

I was thinking that the best would be to apply for a B-type visa, so I can spend the whole summer break in California and not only 90 days as limited in the visa waiver program.

I will have travel insurance which will cover any personal medical cost in the US. But my understanding is that this kind of insurances do not cover third parties. If I work as a volunteer in a hospital, would the hospital still cover any third parties, in case something happens during my practices there?

I was wondering if I could get any advice from you which pitfalls might exist and who might offer foreigners a position for voluntary work during the summer, particularly in the SF Peninsula and Southern Bay Area. It would be great to have this experience during the summer.

Jose Luis

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