Future Nurses of the World

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Future Nurses of the World

Postby nsnapresident » 20 May 2013, 02:43

Thank you so much for attending my presentation at the Student Network last night. I have had a wonderful time meeting so many of you, but not enough! We all need to make sure to meet each other so, I would encourage all of you to take the time to say hi! I can always be reached at president@nsna.org. I will be checking my email throughout the conference if anyone would like to meet up for a meal or coffee, so please let me know!

I have heard a lot of questions regarding our Association and its autonomy from our professional organizations. We are an independent organization of 60,000 nursing students in the United States, all of the leadership is elected by the students at our annual convention. We are comprised of state student nurse association as well as Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We have several committees filled with students from all around the country that are working on many of the issues we have discussed here at the ICN. If you would like to visit www.nsna.org to find a complete list of all of our publications, resolutions that have been passed by our members, committee recommendations as well as all of the forms, bylaws and policies that allow us to function efficiently. Feel free to contact me if you would like any assistance in growing and developing your association or if you have a ny great recommendations for our association that I can bring to my Board of Directors.

Most importantly, we all need to stay in contact! We need to bring the level of communication up a level that is on par with how we communicate with the rest of our colleagues at home. Has anyone considered creating a ICN Student Network facebook page so that we might all share some of the images that make our countries and profession unique? I believe the more communication we can generate, the more inspiration we can generate! We are the future of our professions and the world, we need to start communicating like it!

Thank you all for making this a wonderful conference so far! I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know all of you!


Jesse Kennedy

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Re: Future Nurses of the World

Postby Laurie_ENL » 20 May 2013, 07:42

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your presentation. I enjoyed it - even as anew graduate nurse. I wish Australia had a national student nursing association such as yours when I was an undergraduate.

I had a couple of students ask me for copies of my presentation from Saturday. I just wanted to let anyone interested that I a happy to email them a copy, just drop me a line at lbickhoff@emergingnurseleader.com.au

Laurie Bickhoff
2012 Emerging Nurse Leader Participant
Australian College of Nursing

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