Change of Venue Regarding Intensive NCLEX Review

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Change of Venue Regarding Intensive NCLEX Review

Postby MSNFacultyRN » 14 May 2013, 04:02

Hello: My name is Ms. Stephenson, MSN RN and would like to share with you a very different approach toward intensive NCLEX review. A colleague of mine; as well as myself, have devised a totally different NCLEX review for all graduating nursing students. In the past, NCLEX reviews by different companies included 3 - 5 days of the instructor reading questions and delivering the answers to the participants via Powerpoints; as well as, a pre and post-test. I have instructed graduating nursing students in this practice in the past and found the students would prefer a more laid-back atmosphere vs. the above.

Therefore, we (my colleague and I), have established a company to provide the graduating nursing student with a fun-filled approach to learning, not memorizing. We feel our Mission as seasoned nurses is to provide you with an atmosphere conducive to learning; e. g., changing the venue from the classroom to a State Park where you can relax and enjoy your learning experience.

Test taking strategies will be discussed prior to the intensive NCLEX review to give each participant an equal playing field toward understanding strategies related to passing NCLEX. We believe in each and every student's ability to learn and understand the difference between past test taking vs. answering NCLEX questions accurately without any hesitation. In addition, we believe each student has the ability to be a GREAT nurse toward whatever venue you choose to follow in your nursing career.

Additionally, another aspect of our Mission as seasoned nurses, is to provide a learning field conducive toward visual, audio, and hands-on learners while following Blooms Taxonomy; as well as evidence-based practice questions toward your accomplishing a passing NCLEX grade. The cost of the review includes your room for two nights, meals, intensive review; as well as two months free access toward additional question reviews on our website. In addition, we believe you will pass your review the first time; however, if you need to retake the review, you will be given the opportunity to do so, FREE. You will need to participate in the entire review the first time for this guarantee to be available to you.

I do hope you go to our websites and peruse them at your leisure. We are determined to make your review a positive experience; one you will pass along to your fellow nursing graduates. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to include you in my enthusiasm related to this novel approach toward a positive NCLEX experience. Please feel free to contact either one of us at the email addresses listed on the websites.

Ms. G. Stephenson, MSN RN
Dr. S. Scheuermann
May 13, 2013

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