Graduation in US Made easy for International Students

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Graduation in US Made easy for International Students

Postby education2011 » 02 May 2011, 11:14

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Re: Graduation in US Made easy for International Students

Postby Sarah » 15 Feb 2012, 04:42

Thanks for sharing education 2011, i' am checking it out now :)

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Re: Graduation in US Made easy for International Students

Postby cpatel5 » 06 Oct 2012, 06:01

I am an international student from India who recently graduated with a BSN from a university in Ohio. I decided to continue studying and I am now in the DNP program (FNP subplan). While I am going to school, I wanted to get some RN experience. I am going to school full-time (due to my visa regulations), and thus I am looking for part-time RN experience. The issue with this is that my visa regulations do not allow me to work anywhere off-campus, and if I have to work on-campus as a RN, I cannot go over 20hr/week. Most of the part time RN positions at the University hospital are 24hr/wk positions. So I am not able to get any RN experience. Moreover, I did get a RN job offer from an institution off-campus that was a 20hr/wk position, but to work off-campus I would require to get a CPT (curricular practical training). For my CPT to get approved, I need an employment letter and a letter from my college of nursing that says that the RN experience that I am getting off-campus is a required training of the program of study that I am in. At this time, RN experience is not required to be in the DNP program. Thus, I am not getting any support from my university whatsoever. However, my concern is that without any RN experience, a DNP diploma is not going to help me in any way. Graduating with a DNP, people are going to expect me to know everything and think of me as an expert. However, with no background of nursing practice, I am not sure how confident I will be in the advanced practice role. Did any one face a situation like the one I am in now? Can you suggest me any idea that would allow me to get RN experience? How to find a way out of this? Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. I am in a situation where I regret graduating :(

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