Teaching Japanese Children about Nutrition

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Teaching Japanese Children about Nutrition

Postby jmedley » 21 Feb 2011, 18:07

HI, I am a nursing student who is taking an international health class. As part of our requirement we are to pick a topic that we can do an educational plan on . I am considering using the PEN-3 Model to educate Japanese children on proper nutrition. I chose this as a topic because the Japanese are amongst the healthiest nation in the owrld. However, because of western influence, they are adopting a diet high in calories, fats and salts which is resulting in higher rates of non-communicable disease like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Starting with the children to keep the diet more focused on fruit, vegetables, seafood and fiber as previous to western influences, should help to decrease the rates of these disease. Any thoughts on how to go about this project would be appreciated. :P

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Re: Teaching Japanese Children about Nutrition

Postby RNCY » 07 Mar 2011, 03:29

Hi Jenny,
I am looking for information on programs for women and children in rural India in regard to health and nutrition education. Women are at the lowest quintile and have 5 times less access to skilled care and a higher rate of perinatal mortality. Rural areas have a great need for education and preventive medical care addressing anaemia in pregnancy, low birth weigh, fertility rate, teenage pregnancy, family planning, perinatal mortality rate and antenatal care.
Any information on teaching programs would be appreciated.
Nancy Adler

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